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Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week 4

A week of conference play gave us an even closer look.

NCAA Football: Washington at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After the first week of official Pac-12 football conference play, we finally got a grip of how good, bad, dominant, consistent or inconsistent each team really is.

Co-managing editors Max Madden and Josiah Destin and football writer Matthew Tonis give their input on where each team in the conference stands.

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Pac-12 Week 4 Power Rankings

Destin Madden Tonis
Destin Madden Tonis
Washington Washington Washington
Stanford Washington State Washington State
Washington State Utah California
California Stanford Stanford
Utah California Utah
Colorado Oregon Colorado
Oregon Colorado UCLA
Arizona State Arizona State Arizona State
Arizona Arizona Arizona
Oregon State Oregon State Oregon State

Closer Look

Destin: While USC was tied 13-13 with California into the fourth quarter, Washington exemplified its dominance, putting Colorado away and winning 37-10. Stanford may have lost two of its last three games, but made a statement win over UCLA by more than three touchdowns, while the rest of the conference (for the most part), played in tight contests. UCLA is ranked so low for the exact reseason. The Bruins used a miracle to beat Texas A&M and cruised past Hawaii, but gave up 45 and 58 points to Memphis and Stanford respectively. ASU beat Oregon, so why are the Ducks ahead? An onside kick and a fumble recovery clearly saved the Sun Devils. It was a two-point game. Had that game been in Eugene, it may have told a far different story.

Madden: Oregon falling to number seven is the biggest difference here. I was a firm believer in the Ducks powerful offense and young,scrappy secondary after the first three weeks but losing on the road to an ASU program with problems on both sides of the ball is a bad look for Taggart and company. UCLA once again underwhelmed, getting blown out by Stanford after a close first half. Unless Utah can carry its recent success into conference play and Colorado rebounds after getting blown out by UW, there's becoming a pretty clear division between the talent levels in the north and the south.

Tonis: I was very split at two and three, because USC hasn't really impressed me compared to where the Trojans are ranked, but Washington State has only played one "real" opponent so far. Thankfully, they play each other this week, so they can decide for me. I think Utah is good, but both Cal and Stanford looked pretty good against much better competition than the Utes faced. I was fully aboard the Arizona is better than ASU train until Houston lost at home to Texas Tech. Despite the game being close, ASU losing a shootout in Texas is more impressive than UA losing a bloodbath at home, especially considering opponent record.