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Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week 1

Despite slow starts, preseason favorites remain at the top of our rankings

Western Michigan v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We finally got to watch some real-life, non-preseason, it-actually-counts football.

Although many teams struggled to get off the block this weekend, not much has changed after the first slate of games. With a conference as competitive as the Pac-12, however, we are bound to have a lot of turnover before the season comes to a close. Let’s take a look at where we have the Conference of Champions after week one.


Rank Madden Destin
Rank Madden Destin
1 Washington Washington
2 Stanford Stanford
3 Washington State Washington State
4 Oregon California
5 California Oregon
6 Oregon State Oregon State

Closer Look

No team in the top half of the north did anything drastic to hurt or help their week one ranking, which is why our standings look fairly similar to the preseason projections. I do have Oregon a spot higher than Josiah, Royce Freeman just looked so good against Southern Utah. I suppose most running backs do against the Thunderbirds, however.


Rank Madden Destin
Rank Madden Destin
2 Utah UCLA
3 Colorado Utah
4 UCLA Colorado
5 Arizona ASU
6 ASU Arizona

Closer Look

There’s some interesting disparity here in the South division. After USC at the top, I’m not ready to forgive UCLA for getting trounced in the worst half of football we saw from a Pac-12 team this weekend. The middle of the South should prove to be extremely interesting, as neither of us are very sure as to what exactly will happen this season.

While I do believe that the Sun Devils have more talent than Arizona, that doesn’t mean much if they can’t put it together on the field. The Wildcats smothered a lowly NAU program and ASU barely walked away unscathed against a very beatable NMSU team. An opportunity for ASU to rise up the rankings will come this weekend as they face off against the Mountain West powerhouse San Diego State.