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Pac-12 basketball power rankings — Feb. 13

ASU and U of A at the top. Is this January?

NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Parity in the Pac-12 is sky high right now.

Eight teams, all with either seven or eight wins, are vying for a bye in the conference tournament and none would be a surprising pick to make it.

Here’s how we stack them up this week:

Pac-12 basketball power rankings — Feb. 13

Rankings Josiah Jordan Tonis
Rankings Josiah Jordan Tonis
1 Arizona Arizona Arizona
2 USC (+2) Arizona State (+5) Arizona State (+4)
3 Arizona State (+3) UCLA Oregon (+5)
4 UCLA (-1) Oregon (+4) Colorado (+5)
5 Oregon (+3) USC (-1) UCLA (-2)
6 Washington (-4) Washington (-4) Washington (-4)
7 Utah Utah (-1) Utah
8 Stanford (-3) Colorado (+1) USC (-3)
9 Colorado Oregon State (+1) Oregon State (+1)
10 Oregon State Stanford (-5) Stanford (-6)
11 California Washington State California (+1)
12 Washington State California Washington State (-1)

Destin: Wow, was I wrong about Washington. It’s one thing to lose twice in Oregon, but to put up only 40 points in Eugene, or against anyone has me pondering how on earth this team was once on the brink of the AP top 25. Arizona State jumped because it made a statement, but had that USC game been in L.A., or went a tad different, the Sun Devils could’ve been on the outside looking in to the rankings. Thursday should be fun.

Kaye: Consistency is something that Pac-12 teams have yet to really figure out. One team will rattle off a few wins and creep to the top of the rankings, and aside from Arizona, each has managed to shoot itself in the foot and widdle down to the middle of the pack. Stanford and Colorado did it earlier in conference play, Washington and USC did it last week and UCLA is nearing the same fate. ASU did it as well, but it’s managed to catapult itself back to the top with three straight wins, adding even more buzz to Thursday’s matchup with U of A.

Tonis: It doesn’t appear that anyone in the Pac-12 wants a bye in the Pac-12 Tournament. Arizona has been consistently the best team since conference play began, while the rest of the conference sits behind. Six of the 12 teams have seven wins, meaning the standings are wide open with just three weeks left of the regular season. Similar to football, there appears to be no great Pac-12 team, but with a strong finish, as many as six could find their way into the NCAA Tournament.