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ASU Football: Spring practice notebook No. 3

Friday Night Lights

Jordan Kaye

While the entire country was watching UMBC upset Virginia, the Arizona State Sun Devils hit the Kajikawa Practice Fields for the first time under the lights this spring on Friday night.

All practices are open to the public. The Sun Devils practice next on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. . Here’s the full spring practice schedule.


Ride Wit Me (Nelly), March Madness (Future).

Injury Update

No players were in green jerseys, however, linebacker Koron Crump, offensive lineman Mason Walter, DB K.J. Jarrell, defensive lineman Darius Slade, DB Demonte king, DB Deion Guignard and linebacker Jay Jay Wilson headed into the bubble for conditioning at the beginning of practice.

Also, after lining up for a few snaps during tempo drills, wide receiver N’Keal Harry did not participate for the rest of practice. He was seen roaming around the sideline during 11-v-11 and catching balls out of the jugs machine by himself during positional group work.

Towards the end of practice, during the 8-v-8 portion, offensive lineman Steven Miller went down on the ground. He stayed down there for about five minutes as the trainers attended to him before he walked off under his own power.

What went on?

Since Harry did participate in many of the drills, cornerback Chase Lucas was forced to go against some different guys Friday — including matching up with John Humphrey quite a lot. During one rep, though, he went up against Ryan Jenkins. Quarterback Manny Wilkins fired a dart to Jenkins on a quick out route and the ball bounced off of his chest pads popped up in the air. Lucas quickly jumped up and grabbed it and tip-toed his feet along the sideline to stay inbounds and secure the interception.


During the middle part of the last two practices, the defensive players have been running 10-yard quick sprints along the North endzone. Defensive coordinator Danny Gonzales said they are called perfect 10s, and the amount that the players have to do is decided by how many times the coaches see the players loafing in the previous day’s film session.

Now, the number can be inflated because if the perfect 10s or “loafs” aren’t done correctly then everyone has to do another, but Friday’s count was 19.


Frank Darby had a solid night as well. During one 1-v-1 rep, the wide receiver ran a deep crossing route, bodied through contact as he went up for the grab and snatched the pass right in front of his defender, Kordell Caldwell.

After he finished the play by dancing into the endzone, Darby ran back to his adoring teammates on the sideline and shouted, “That’s as easy as it gets.” He also made a beautiful touchdown pass and a very deep 50-50 thrown to the front of the endzone by Wilkins.

Herm Edwards clip of the night

First-team offense

QB: Manny Wilkins

RB: Eno Benjamin

WR: John Humphrey, Kyle Williams, N’Keal Harry (For tempo only), Ryan Jenkins

TE: Ceejhay French-Love

OL: Tyson Rising (LT), Alex Losoya (LG), Cohl Cabral (C), Steven Miller (RG), Quinn Bailey (RT)

Second-team offense

QB: Blake Barnett

RB: Trelon Smith, Mark “Goose” Cosgrove

WR: Jeremy Smith, Terrell Chatman, Curtis Hodges, Frank Darby, Ryan Newsome

TE: Tommy Hudson, Jared Bubank

OL: Mason Schell (LT), Cade Cote (LG), Marshal Nathe (C), Corey Stephens (RG), Kyle Breed (RT)

First-team defense

DL: Shannon Forman, Renell Wren, Jalen Bates

LB: Khaylan Thomas, Jay Jay Wilson, Malik Lawal

CB: Kobe Williams, Chase Lucas

Tillman: Evan Fields

S: Langston Frederick, Jalen Harvey

Second-team defense

DL: Jordan Hoyt, D.J. Davidson, Jamie Diaz

LB: Parker Higgins, Nick Ralston, Kyle Soelle

Tillman: Tyler Whiley

CB: Terin Adams, Kordell Caldwell

S: Caleb McShanag, Dominique

For other updates and videos from Tuesday’s practice, follow @jdestinsports and @jordan_kaye23 on Twitter.