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ASU Football: Practice notebook No. 12

Two practices remain.

Andrew Palla/House of Sparky

The Arizona State Sun Devils completed their 12th of 14 spring practices in full pads and helmets on Friday evening before a few hundred spectators at the Kajikawa Practice Fields.

Arizona Stat plays its spring football game on Friday, April 13 at 7 p.m. at Sun Devil Soccer Stadium.

Last practice: Thursday, April 5

Next practice: Tuesday, April 10 (9:30 a.m.)

Music: Look Alive (BlocBoy JB & Drake), Top Off (Jay Z, Future, Beyoncé)

Injury Update

Dougladson Subtyl, Brandon LaMarche, DeMonte King, Preston Liger, Chase Lucas and Koron Crump all exited practice early, leaving into the Dickey Dome.

Michael Gombert left about 30 minutes following the large group right before 11-on-11 drills. Chase Lucas returned for 11-on-11 drills, but did not participate. Jonathan Sanchez left during 11-on-11, holding his wrist. He was then evaluated.

Eno Benjamin practiced, but did not perform in 11-on-11 drills, leaving Mark “Goose” Cosgrove and Trelon Smith as the lone running backs to play in the mini scrimmage.

Herm Edwards presser

From Friday night’s practice: Herm Edwards said the 942 Crew will pick #ASU students to be the offensive/defensive coordinators in the spring game. Students will have 5-6 plays to choose from. Full presser:

Posted by House of Sparky on Saturday, April 7, 2018

What else we learned

  • Mike Haynes was at practice on Friday and spoke to the team. Haynes, a former Raiders and Patriots cornerback, was a two-time All-American at Arizona State. He played from 1972-75.
  • Dave Christensen was absent from practice Thursday due to personal reasons. The offensive line coach was back in action Friday.
  • Ryan Newsome, Trevor Russell and Eno Benjamin exchanged returning kicks. Newsome was the lone man to return punts.

11-on-11 rundown

Blake Barnett

  1. Near the end of Barnett’s first drive, he ran, made it about six yards forward, before the ball was stripped out of his hands and into the air. Linebacker Tyler Whiley caught it and ran. In the next play, Barnett missed Ryan Newsome, as Whiley slapped it away.
  2. Mark “Goose” Cosgrove ran the ball up the gut for a few yards three plays in a row. Barnett then unloaded and hit a receiver about 15 yards forward. Following a false start, Cosgrove ran for a yard or two. Barnett then ran for five yards. On about a 3rd and 8, Newsome dove and caught a ball with his arms fully extended, but missed the first down by two yards. Brandon Ruiz then hit a 30-yard field goal.

Manny Wilkins

  1. Trelon Smith broke through the defense for about 20 yards, before he sprinted for an eight-yard run. Wilkins then threw a pass far above Frank Darby’s reach. Smith broke multiple tackles for a 12-yard touchdown run.
  2. N’Keal Harry easily beat Whiley and Terin Adams on a go route to the end zone. The ball was overthrown about two feet past Harry’s reach. Trelon Smith ran for about five yards, before there was a whistle. He couldn’t be taken down and progressed forward for about five yards. Wilkins then ran for seven yards, before he went out of bounds. Smith then gained three yards. Wilkins hit Harry in the back of the end zone. The referee said his feet were out of bounds. Chase Lucas thought he was in bounds. Here’s what it looked like.
  3. Smith rolled out to the side, caught the ball, juked out a defender, before he was tackled a few yards past the line of scrimmage. Wilkins nailed Kyle Williams for about 10-yard reception. He was tackled Langston Frederick. Smith then ran for about two yards, before he caught a five-yard pass and was popped by Jay Jay Wilson.
  4. Wilkins gunned a ball to Frank Darby on a curl route. It hit off his hands in front of his chest. Wilson hit him late but was not called for it. Smith then ran to the outside, juked out a few tacklers, but only gained two yards. He then did the same play, but was tackled at the line of scrimmage. Wilkins then hit Ryan Jenkins 30 yards out for a touchdown.
  5. In his last drive, Wilkins started at the 10-yard line. Wilkins’ first pass was tipped by a defender and fell incomplete in the end zone. His second pass was tipped off the hands of Ceejhay French-Love. Smith was then tackled about eight yards behind the line of scrimmage to end practice.

Herm Edwards Tweet of the day

Play of the night

First-team offense

QB: Manny Wilkins

RB: Trelon Smith

WR: N’Keal Harry, Kyle Williams, Frank Darby/Terrell Chatman/Ryan Newsome

TE: Tommy Hudson/Ceejhay French-Love

OL: Tyson Rising (LT), Alex Losoya (LG), Cohl Cabral (C), Steven Miller (RG), Quinn Bailey (RT)

Second-team offense

QB: Blake Barnett

RB: Mark “Goose” Cosgrove

WR: Daniel Sanders-Effiong, Jeremy Smith, Ryan Newsome/Frank Darby

TE: Jared Bubak

OL: Kyle Breed (LT), Corey Stephens (LG), Cade Cote (C), Jonathan Sanchez (RG), Zach Robertson (RT)

First-team defense

DL: Shannon Forman, Renell Wren, Jalen Bates

LB: Nick Ralston, Malik Lawal, Jay Jay Wilson

CB: Terin Adams, Kobe Williams

Safety: Evan Fields, Langston Frederick, Jalen Harvey

Second-team defense

DL: Darius Slade, D.J. Davidson, Jordan Hoyt

LB: Khaylan Thomas, Tyler Whiley, Parker Higgins

CB: Darien Cornay,*Couldn’t identify

Safety: Dominique Harrison, Caleb McShanag, Kordell Caldwell