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Maroon Madness: No. 1 Reggie Jackson vs. No. 8 Joe Caldwell

A few of the 40’s finest

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The Matchup: Two of the eldest athletes featured in our bracket, Reggie Jackson (76) and Joe Caldwell (71) were born just four years apart. “Mr. October” (#44) and “Jumping Joe” (#32) both hold the highest retired numbers in each of their ASU sports. The two were each drafted second overall in their respective sports leagues.

No. 1 Reggie Jackson

Basic info: Born: May 18, 1946 in Abington, Pennsylvania. High school: Cheltenham (Pennsylvania) Height/weight: 6-foot, 195 pounds. ASU career: 1966. MLB career: 1967 (Royals), 1968-75 (Athletics), 1976 (Orioles), 1977-81 (Yankees), 1982-86 (Angels), 1987 (Athletics)

Notables: Inducted into the 1993 Hall of Fame, Jackson holds a retired number from both the Yankees and Athletics. He made the All-Star Game 14 times in his 21-year career. Why’s he famed to be “Mr. October?” Stats in 27 World Series games: .357 batting average, .457 on base percentage, 24 RBIs and 10 home runs. He hit five home runs in a single World Series against the Dodgers in 1977.

What you don’t know: He holds the all-time record for strikeouts with 2,597. The lefty-hitter struck out 13 more times than he had hits. He came to ASU on a football scholarship to play for Frank Kush, then starred on the diamond for Bobby Wrinkles.

Mr. October’s Resume

ASU career
ASU career
15 HRs (most in single-season with wood bat).
Pro career
5-time World Series champion (1972-74, 1977, 1978)
American League MVP (1973)
14-time All-Star (1961, 1971-75, 1977-84)
2-time World Series MVP (1973,1977)
563 HRs (14th)

No. 8 Joe Caldwell

Basic info: Born: Nov. 1, 1941 in League City, Texas. High School: John C. Fremont (Los Angeles). Height/weight: 6-foot-5, 195 pounds. Career: ASU (1961-64), Pistons (1964-65), St. Louis/Atlanta Hawks (1965-70), Carolina Cougars/St. Louis Spirits (1970-75).

Notables: As a gold medalist on the undefeated 1964 Olympic team, Jumpin’ Joe was known to be a defensive standout, though he still leads ASU in career points scored with 1,515. He led the Sun Devils to two Elite Eight appearances, then went onto play in the NBA and ABA. His pro career was cut short after Marvin Barnes, a rookie he played with in St. Louis, left the team. Caldwell was linked to the situation and suspended because of “activities detrimental to the best interests of professional basketball.” He did not appear in another game.

What you don’t know: His grandson is Duke standout Marvin Bagley III. He was offered $17,000 a year — $3,000 more than the Pistons payed him — to play for the Los Angeles Rams after his rookie season in 1969. Caldwell attends nearly every ASU men’s basketball game. He sits about eight rows up behind the away team’s bench.

Henderson’s Resume

ASU career
ASU career
Qualified for the NCAA championships (1993).
Pro career
1995 UFC 17 Middleweight Tournament winner.
Represented the U.S. twice in Olympic Games ('92, '96).
6th Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion.
1995 Pan American Games bronze medalist.
2000 Pan American Games gold medalist.