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ASU Football: Fall practice No. 13

Hot hot hot!

Brady Vernon/House of Sparky

The beating sun welcomed the Devils to another later practice with the new start time at 9:45 a.m. The full team got going at 10 a.m.

Last practice: Tuesday, August 21

Next practice: Thursday, August 23

Music: In My Feelings (Drake)

Injury update:

Koron Crump was a bigger participant during practice today but only in positional drills. Crump is still recovering from the ACL injury but it shows a positive sign to be active during linebacker drills. He remained out of the 11 on 11.

Cole Cabral took a majority of first-team reps under center and was even with Wilkins during drills before stretches with coach Rob Likens.

Jay Jay Wilson was again absent from practice.

What went on:

Manny Wilkins, Dillon Sterling-Cole and Kurt Walding started at 9:45 a.m. with running backs and centers practicing reps from the shotgun formation. Similar to yesterday before they began with stretching. Eno Benjamin was not a participant in said drills. Wilkins instead snapped it to Isaiah Floyd.

Stretches started at 10 a.m. on the dot and went for about 10 minutes. Following huddle and break, the players split up positionally. Most eye-catching was the defensive line doing drills with the single sled going from snap to then push off and spin out.

After a couple of reps from the special teams, 11 on 11 began.

No strangers on the first team as Wilkins led the drive off targeting N’Keal Harry for a first down gain on the first snap. Benjamin only took one snap on the drive. Floyd took the backfield for a majority of the first team snaps.

The drive finished with a failed completion attempt from Wilkins over the middle.

After 11 on 11, the players went back to positional practice where the linebackers with coach Antonio Pierce caught the most attention due to Crump’s high activity.

First-team Offense:

QB - Manny Wilkins

RB - Eno Benjamin, Isaiah Floyd

WR - N’Keal Harry, Kyle Williams, Terrell Chatman

(Ryan Jenkins, Ryan Newsome, Frank Darby all rotated in.)

TE - Ceejhay French-Love / Tommy Hudson

OL - Casey Tucker (LT) , Alex Losoya (LG), Cole Cabral (C), Zach Robertson (RG), Quinn Bailey (RT)

First-team Defense

DL - Shannon Forman, Renell Wren, Jalen Bates / Dougladson Subtyl

LB - Merlin Robertson, Darien Butler, Malik Lawal

CB - Kobe Williams, Chase Lucas

Tillman: Dasmond Tautalatasi

S: Langston Frederick, Demonte King

For other updates and videos from Wednesday’s practice follow @sdmbjournalist on Twitter.