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ASU Football: Most Valuable Player Countdown- No. 4 Merlin Robertson and Darien Butler

The pair of young backers

Brady Vernon/House of Sparky

We continue to get closer to the opener against UTSA on September 1st, we point out the players who will affect ASU’s season the most.

#4 Merlin Robertson and Darien Butler

Gone are linebackers Christian Sam and D.J. Calhoun, who were the Sun Devils two leading tacklers last year. With each fall practice is becomes more of a lock that freshmen Merlin Robertson and Darien Butler will take their place. The pair of newbies will have to replace a total 226 total tackles and nine and half sacks.

Robertson, a four-star recruit, was always thought of being a potential replacement in his first year because of his size and talent. Butler however, has been more a surprise. While Robertson was getting first team reps early on in the fall, Butler has worked himself up all the way from the third team.

The two will be a large part in Arizona State’s hopes of improving on allowing 174 rushing yards a game. Trying to improve from eighth in the Pac-12 and avoiding a disaster that the Stanford game against Bryce Love was, the two freshmen will be a big part of it.

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