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Arizona State Football: Most Valuable Player Countdown- No. 1 Manny Wilkins

The senior quarterback is the key to success

Arizona State v UCLA Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

College football is nearing a return, and we want to dive into what five players can influence the Sun Devils’ the most this season.

No. 1 Manny Wilkins

A lot goes into how well a quarterback plays in a game, things he can’t control. Will his protection hold up? Do receivers drop his passes? Does his defense contain the other team’s offense where he’s not trailing the entire game? You get the picture.

However, for Manny Wilkins the team around him is good enough to win as long as he is good. If Wilkins has a bad game, it’s unlikely the Sun Devils will pull out a victory. And it works the other way as well, days where Wilkins has phenomenal performances ASU will be in a position to win.

Wilkins being the most important player goes further than his play. The senior quarterback is the leader of a new looking Arizona State squad. He’ll have the responsibility of making sure guys such as Chase Lucas and Frank Darby, who are emotional through the highs and the lows, don’t get too far away from the plan. A lot of this team looks up to Wilkins and for that reason he is the most vital piece of the Sun Devils’ 2018 season.

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