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ASU Baseball: Trevor Hauver set up for sophomore breakout

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The forgotten freshman

Brady Vernon/House of Sparky

Lowell Park, 2,695 miles away from Phoenix Municipal Stadium, is an important location for Trevor Hauver. On June 15, Hauver hit a home run for the Hyannis Harbor Hawks to increase their lead to three over the Cotuit Kettleers. If you asked Hauver, he’d probably tell you he hit the ball 2,696 miles that day, laughing at his own joke.

Hauver spent the summer in the prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League, as did a handful of other Sun Devils. Although, for guys such as Spencer Torkelson, Carter Aldrete and Hunter Bishop, it was expected they’d head east after the season.

Hauver didn’t have the freshman season he wanted, and didn’t have the numbers compared to others to warrant being in the league with the nation’s best. However, the talent was there for Hauver. Before he called Tempe home, the Kansas City Royals took him in the 37th round out of Gilbert’s Perry High School, but he decided to put on the maroon and gold.

After starting the season for his hometown school, Hauver’s first year of college baseball started to take a turn. For the second half of the season, the local product sat the bench, only getting into games here and there. To say the least, Hauver was frustrated.

“I mean I started the first 21 games, I believe, of the season. Then I kind of fell off, it killed me, I was pretty upset. I wasn’t working as hard as I should’ve,” he said.

He watched his freshmen class of Torkelson, Gage Workman, Alika Williams and Drew Swift start more than 40 games. Despite the lack of playing time, Hauver didn’t let the dissatisfaction get to him. According to Workman, who is Hauver’s roommate and best friend, Hauver doesn’t ever get too down.

“He’s pretty positive, I don’t see him too often mad,” Workman said. “Of course, he wanted to play probably more than he did, but I think he realized he’s going to work harder, and I think that’s what he did to hopefully be on the field a lot more this year.”

Hauver sat back and took it as a wake up call.

His home run in Cotuit was his only of the summer season, but the current sophomore outfielder was driving the ball with more force. Hauver’s 11 RBIs and .267 average in Hyannis may not look great on paper, but it was an important few months for him. He looked to be having more fun, and more importantly, playing with more confidence.

The outfielder felt as if he didn’t work hard enough in his freshman year, thus causing the work he’s put in since the Sun Devil season ended.

“That’s why I came back, ever since that season going into the Cape – I had a pretty successful season up there – from this fall, I had a really successful fall,” Hauver said. “I’ve just been working over winter break, getting bigger and stronger, and working on my season.”

When Hauver returned to school, Arizona State recruiting coordinator Ben Greenspan noticed a difference.

“He looks a lot more comfortable. When we recruited Trevor, we identified, we thought he was going to be a bat first. He had really successful high school offensive production. He gives you a good at-bat every time. He’s not overmatched by anybody offensively,” Greenspan said. “Quite honestly, he’s been our most consistent left fielder to this point. A number of things coming off the Cape, the biggest difference is the confidence piece of going to the Cape, playing against the best players in the country and coming back saying ‘you know what I can do this.’”

Some Sun Devil fans may be wondering where Hauver’s power was during his freshman season. Although, a handful may have been in too much awe of how easy his freshman classmate, Torkelson was making it look. Hauver may be one of the beneficiaries of the fences being moved in at Phoenix Muni.

“It’s a tough place to hit home runs too. People see what Torkelson did, what he did was so phenomenal because of the yard he played in as well,” Greenspan said. “I don’t know if there was a whole bunch of differences for Trevor. I think offensively for him, he probably added some strength from freshman to sophomore year as most guys do and going into that summer. I think the biggest thing was getting out of Muni with the old fences.”

How does Hauver feel headed into year two as a Sun Devil?

“Really excited, I worked extremely hard to back to where I’m at today. So, I’m extremely excited to get back to here and get going,” said Hauver before he added what he is focused on most this year.

“Just staying true to me. Knowing what I can do, not trying to go out and be someone I’m not. Contribute to the team, just get wins and get wins for everyone. Like I said I’ve worked hard this offseason and this fall to get stronger, and working on my swing to increase those power numbers.”

Hauver will be headed back to Hyannis after his sophomore year, but if things go as planned, he’ll be right where he belongs with the nation’s best ballplayers.