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ASU Football: Practice Report (10/29)

Bye week for the Sun Devils

Arizona State v UCLA Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

After a deflating loss to the UCLA Bruins, the Sun Devils are on their second bye week of the season. The team has a chance to regroup and heal all injuries before the USC Trojans come into Sun Devil Stadium for a 1:30 PM kickoff on November 9th. Here is what we saw in the extended viewing of practice

Last Practice: Wednesday, October 23

Next Practice: Wednesday, October 30 (closed viewing)

Injury Update

Sophomore linebacker Darien Butler had a right boot on as he stretched to the side. Linebacker Tyler Johnson was in a green jersey after he didn't make the trip to UCLA. Senior defensive lineman George Lea was seen leaving the practice field in a cart.

What Went On

The Sun Devils opened their practice with kickoff return and had two separate kickers taking the kickoff role for the team.

After stretching, the teams broke off into their individual drills and today’s focus was on the linebackers. With Butler in a boot and Khaylan Kearse-Thomas and Merlin Robertson observing, this was a chance for the backups to earn more reps. Linebackers coach Antonio Pierce wasn’t taking it easy on his players as he gave them little rest because he wanted them to improve. For five minutes straight, the linebackers worked on the sleds and Case Hatch was the most verbal out of the five linebackers. He wanted everyone to be on point and could be heard encouraging Johnson to keep going. After sled work, Pierce took the linebackers into the middle of the field to work on pass coverage. Pierce would throw the linebackers balls in different coverage styles and make sure that they were in the right spot for the football. Towards the end of the media viewing, Johnson went into the bubble.