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ASU Football: Spring Practice Report (2/19)

Practice nine

Brady Vernon/House of Sparky

Week three of practice has began and things are starting to heat up.

Last practice: Saturday, February 16

Next practice: Wednesday, February 20

Injury update

Not present: WR Kyle Williams

Worked off to the side: WR Ryan Newsome, DL D.J. Davidson, RB Demetrious Flowers, OT Zach Robertson, WR John Humphrey, CB Dominique Harrison, LB Merlin Robertson, LB Stanley Lambert, LB Tyler Johnson, DL Shannon Forman, CB Preston Liger

What went on:

During the second term reps of 11-on-11s, the defense once again showed a two defensive linemen look. Jermayne Lole and Michael Matus lined up together in front of the four linebackers; Ely Doyle, Khaylan Kearse-Thomas, Kyle Soelle and Darien Butler. With Shannon Forman sitting out Tuesday’s practice, making the thin defensive line depth even thinner, it gives defensive coordinator Danny Gonzales more opportunity to present the different formations he wanted to run this upcoming season.

Defensive lineman George Lea returned to practice and had a good performance. He beat center Cohl Cabral for what would’ve been a sack of Dillion Sterling-Cole. There were other downs that Lea created pressure and got through holes on run plays.

It was Joey Yellen and Dillion Sterling-Cole that got the majority of the reps on Tuesday. However, Jayden Daniels and Ethan Long also got a handful of time manning the quarterback position. Yellen had a ball broken up on a curl route to tight end Curtis Hodges, safety Tyler Whiley broke up the pass with a nice pursuit on the play.

During 1-on-1s, offensive tool Paul Lucas had a corner route near the end zone thrown at him, but nice coverage from safety Alijah Gammage knocked it away. Chase Lucas then sprinted toward Gammage for a celebration. Long then tossed a nice ball to the corner of the end zone for Geordon Porter, who had created just enough space from Aashari Crosswell to make the catch. Porter got praise from other cornerback Kobe Williams, Williams let Porter know he ran a nice route and made a good catch.


First-team offense:

QB: Dillon Sterling-Cole/Joey Yellen

RB: Eno Benjamin/Isaiah Floyd

WR: Brandon Aiyuk, Frank Darby, Paul Lucas

TE: Tommy Hudson

OL: Roy Hemsley (LT), Alex Losoya (LG), Cohl Cabral (C), Cade Cote (RG), Steven Miller(RT)

First-team defense

DL: Jermayne Lole, Corey Stephens, George Lea

LB: Ely Doyle, Case Hatch, Kyle Soelle,

CB: Kobe Williams, Chase Lucas

Tillman: Aashari Crosswell

S: Evan Fields, Langston Frederick

Second-team offense

QB: Jayden Daniels/Ethan Long

RB: A.J. Carter/Tavian Gould

WR: Geordon Porter, C.J. Jarmon, Tannor Park, Tyerell Baldonado-Kaelopu

TE: Jared Bubak, Curtis Hodges

OL: Ralph Frias (LT), Dohnovan West (LG), Jarrett Bell (C), Marco Salas (RG), Spencer Lovell (RT)

Second-team defense

DL: Jermayne Lole, Michael Matus

LB: Ely Doyle, Khaylan Kearse-Thomas, Kyle Soelle, Darien Butler

CB: Chase Lucas, Terin Adams

Tillman: Tyler Whiley

S: K.J. Jarrell, Alijah Gammage