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ASU Football: Spring practice report (2/5)

Football is back

Arizona State v Colorado Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Head coach Herm Edwards and company returned to the Kajikawa Practice Facility on Tuesday as they head toward the 2019 season.

Last practice: None

Next practice: Wednesday, February 6

Injury update

Wide receiver Ryan Newsome was still in a walking boot from a previous injury. Linebacker Tyler Johnson was in an arm sling from offseason shoulder surgery. Defensive lineman D.J. Davidson was also in a boot from an injury sustained during the season. Linebacker Stanley Lambert was rehabbing his knee that his sustained in an injury before the Las Vegas Bowl. Tillman safety Tyler Whiley was also present at practice recovering from his preseason injury last season. Offensive lineman Alex Losoya did work on the side. Cornerback Chase Lucas had a family matter to attend to and missed practice.

What went on

And the battle begins. The four quarterbacks; Dillion Sterling-Cole, Joey Yellen, Jayden Daniels and Ethan Long began their long stretch of competition to find out the starting quarterback for the Sun Devils. The staff has decided to bring up the four in pairs of twos that run with the first team offense during the 11-on-11 portions. For Tuesday, it was Sterling-Cole and Yellen.

Sterling-Cole showed his advantage of being the returner, he was able to hit multiple deep balls to wide receiver Frank Darby in both the 11-on-11s and the 7-on-7s. Darby’s best catch, however, came on a corner route when Darby caught the ball with one stretched out hand. Darby and Sterling-Cole came together to hype each other up. Sterling-Cole was showing emotion throughout practice, on an out route to wide receiver Tannor Park, Sterling-Cole nailed a throw in a tight window showing tons of excitement.

For Yellen, it seemed that the offense given to him was one for an early enrollee quarterback. Yellen handed the ball off a handful of times, and threw plenty of check downs, screens and swing passes. This goes into the advantage Sterling-Cole has of knowing more in the offense and being able to showcase more plays. Meanwhile, Daniels and Long shadowed the two, each play right behind them. On Wednesday, it’ll be Daniels and Long as the pair manning the offense. All four quarterbacks did participate in other walkthroughs to help create chemistry with their weapons.

The defensive line worked with a five-man rotation of Shannon Forman, Jermayne Lole, George Lea, Michael Matus, Corey Stephens. Stephens previously had played offensive line, but as defensive coordinator Danny Gonzales mentioned it’s all hands on deck for bodies for spring practice. This comes after the announcements from defensive ends Darius Slade and Jalen Bates. Edwards after practice did mention how help is on the way as three of the 19-man recruiting class coming in are three defensive ends and a handful of walk-ons.

Other defensive plays made were safety K.J. Jarrell made a nice pursuit tackle over the middle on wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. Safety Cam Phillips ripped away a ball from Darby over the middle.

Special teams notes are Michael Turk will be the starting punter after Michael Sleep-Dalton’s transfer to Iowa. Aiyuk, wide receiver Geordon Porter and running back Isaish Floyd were taking punt returns.

First-team Offense

QB: Dillion Sterling-Cole/Joey Yellen

RB: Eno Benjamin/Isaiah Floyd

WR: Brandon Aiyuk, Kyle Williams, Frank Darby

TE: Tommy Hudson/Curtis Hodges

OL: Zach Robertson (LT), Cade Cote (LG), Cohl Cabral (C), Steven Miller (RG), Roy Hemsley (RT)

First-team Defense

DL: Shannon Forman, Jermayne Lole, George Lea

LB: Darien Butler, Merlin Robertson, Khaylan Kearse-Thomas

CB: Terin Adams, Kobe Williams

Tillman: Evan Fields

S: Cam Phillips, Aashari Crosswell

Second-team Offense

QB: Jayden Daniels/Ethan Long

RB: A.J. Carter/Paul Lucas

WR: C.J. Jarmon, Geordon Porter, Keith Davis

TE: Jared Bubak/Mark Walton

OL: Ralph Frias (LT), Dohovan West (LG), Jarrett Bell (C), Marco Salas (RG), Spencer Lovell (RT)

Second-team Defense

DL: Michael Matus, Corey Stephens

LB: Kyle Soelle, Case Hatch, Reggie Hughes

CB: Timarcus Davis, Dominique Harrison/Darien Cornay, Preston Liger

S: Langston Frederick, K.J. Jarrell