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ASU Football: The Game-Winning drive in GIFs

Watch it again

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 Arizona State at Michigan State Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Remember when Jayden Daniels and crew drove down the field to beat No. 18 Michigan State. It feels like yesterday, so let’s watch it again in GIFs.

The Situation: Second-and-five, ASU 30, 3:01 left

The Play: Jayden Daniels shovels a pass to Eno Benjamin for a five-yard gain and a first down

The youngster extends another play to find his star running back and avoid a third down back on ASU’s own side of the field.

The Situation: First-and-10, ASU 35, 2:29 left

The Play: Jayden Daniels finds Brandon Aiyuk wide open for a 40-yard catch

Yes, a better throw results in a touchdown. However, one shouldn’t complain with a 40-yard gain with very little offensive success. It worked out well in the end draining the clock. Also, the Aiyuk route, sheeessshhhh.

The Situation: Fourth-and-13, MSU 28, 1:24 left

The Play: Jayden Daniels scrambles for 15 yards to keep ASU alive

Do-or-die moment for the Sun Devils. Daniels calls his own number in his first road game and creates the biggest play of the game.

The Situation: First-and-goal, MSU 1, 56 seconds left

The Play: Eno Benjamin rumbles for the game-winning touchdown from a yard out

“I am putting this ball in and you can’t stop me,” - Eno, probably. Benjamin wasn’t letting anything prevent him from putting ASU in the lead and the win.

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