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ASU Football: Practice Report (9/9)

The road to East Lansing

Andrew Palla/House of Sparky

Michigan State week has started. The media’s viewing portion was limited to around 25 minutes today. Here is our report from the action with a heavy focus on special teams.

Last Practice: Tuesday, September 3

Next Practice: Tuesday, September 10

Injury Update

Linebacker Stanley Lambert was in green non-contact jerseys.

Linebacker Tyler Johnson and cornerback Jordan Clark did conditioning on the other field. Offensive linemen Jarrett Bell and Steven Miller were taking reps with the first team after both getting injured against Sacramento State.

Miller joked about going one-on-one with offensive coordinator Rob Likens, but Likens said he doesn’t want to hurt Miller because they don’t want another injury on the position group.

What Went On

Defensive tackle D.J. Davidson earned the ‘Mandrake’ jersey after his four-tackle, 1.5 sack performance against Sac State.

Special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum had Brandon Aiyuk watch Jack Jones return a few kicks. Aiyuk returned kicks the first few weeks, and got the first reps on Monday, but Slocum thought he was still missing something.

True freshman Ben Scott worked with the second team at right tackle. Spencer Lovell, who was the second team left guard went in for Miller when he left the game last Friday.

Quarterback Dillon Sterling-Cole was not observed at practice during the media’s portion.