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ASU News: Report of booster had 3 claims of sexual harassment, Valencia suspended for failed drug test

Not the best news dump

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COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 08 USC at Arizona State Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Arizona State didn’t have the best PR day on Thursday.

Yahoo Sports Pete Thamal dropped the report of Arizona State took months to address sexual harassment allegations against booster made by three women. The report mentions that Arizona State took close to five months to look into allegations about Bart Wear, an athletic booster of the school.

Former Arizona State senior associate athletic director David Cohen filed a claim against the school after being let go from his position. His wife, Kathy Cohen, was one of the three women mentioned in the claim about Wear’s alleged sexual harassment. The incident with Cohen occurred at the Pac-12 basketball tournament in March. In Thamal’s report he details the incident as:

“According to the notice of claim, Kathy Cohen left her seat at T-Mobile Arena to use the restroom at halftime and attempted to pass Wear, a former ASU football player, in the aisle. Wear is alleged in the notice of claim to have “put his hands on her waist, moved his hands up the side of her body to the sides of her breast, held his hands on the sides of her breasts and said, ‘Dave is lucky to have you.’”

Reportedly Leslie Hurley, wife of Sun Devil basketball coach Bobby Hurley, said through a lawyer that she is one of the three women involved in the notice claim filed by Cohen.

For more details about it read Thamal’s article on Yahoo Sports.

Pat Mineo tweeted the news that two-time NCAA Champion Zahid Valencia failed a drug test administered in Italy at the Matteo Pellicone in January.

In an article from the Arizona Republic by Jeff Metcalfe, ASU said this in a statement: “Zahid Valencia has been suspended indefinitely from the ASU men’s wrestling team.”

Mineo tweeted out later that Valencia allegedly tested positive for cocaine. A source from the article by Metcalfe said Valencia had failed the test due to a recreational drug, not a performance enhancing drug.

It is unclear about Valenica’s future with the Sun Devils at this point.