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Sparky Movie Reviews: Moneyball

He gets on base

Film Independent At LACMA: “Moneyball” Photo by Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

We continue our reviews as Sebastian Emanuel details Moneyball.

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Moneyball is the best sports movie.

It showcases what a front office has to deal with to put a sports franchise together and win games.

Billy Beane failed as a baseball player but didn't give up on being a part of a major league team. He climbed up the ranks from scout to general manager. His life is a resonating tool to never give up on your dreams, even if you hit a roadblock.

In the movie, you get Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane and Johan Hill as Paul DePodesta (Peter Brand in the film).

My scene is in the war room. Billy Beane and Peter Brand break down the on base percentage of the players who can fill the void of Jason Giambi and Johnny Damon.

Billy Beane reinvents what it is like to have a tight budget and be a competitive baseball team. He turned the Oakland A’s around and the players who were once forgotten into recognizable names again.

Moneyball showcases what it is like to run a team and reinvent baseball in Oakland. For Beane, he made it work by getting to the playoffs eight times in his time as general manager.