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Sparky Movie Reviews: Remember the Titans

You Smiling?

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Remember sports? Well, we don’t but here’s Jordan Spurgeon’s review on Remember the Titans.

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You can’t discuss sports movies without ‘Remember the Titans’ being mentioned. Based on a true story, this film epitomizes the link between sports and real life.

The focus of this film is racial divide, brought together through the brotherhood of sports. But we all could use some ‘Sunshine’ to relieve the narrative.

Denzel Washington (Coach Herman Boone) was impactful in the way he delivered speeches and handled himself amid constant adversity. I remember watching his speeches before I’d play a baseball game, for extra motivation.

Sports are often linked to real life. Not so much that they are real life, but they provide a relief from everyday life. This story demonstrates that the line between the two isn’t so thick, which is important today as we see the world around us. So rejoice, because even without sports, we can still see those emotions play out on our screens.