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The House POYs: Kindra Hackbarth

And she’s coming back

Brady Venron/House of Sparky

Kindra Hackbarth got our nod as the softball Player of the Year for this season’s softball roster

Position: Outfielder

Year in School: Senior (Returning next season with granted NCAA relief)


  • .443 batting average
  • six home runs
  • 27 RBI
  • 11 2B
  • 32 R

Best moments of the season:

Hackbarth’s top moment of the season was her two-run walk-off home run over a ranked Northwestern team. Even in the short season, Hackbarth was the engine that started the potent Sun Devil offense. Not only did she bring her own power with six home runs and 11 doubles, she reached base half the time and scored 32 times.

Although it was shortened, Hackbarth was able to earn First-Team honors for Softball America’s All-American selections.