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ASU Football: Hypothetical season schedules

All conference games

NCAA Football: Sun Bowl-Arizona State vs Florida State Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the Pac-12 announced that fall sports would moving to a conference only schedule. In the statement it said that “Conference-only schedules will be announced no later than July 31.” We wanted to play around with different possibilities of what a conference-only schedule would look like for football.

Option One: Keeping as is

The most likely real life option is to keep the schedule as is and starting the season at USC on Sep. 26.

Week 1 @ USC

Week 2 vs. Oregon State

Week 3 vs. UCLA

Week 5 @ Colorado

Week 6 @ Washington State

Week 7 vs. Cal

Week 8 @ Oregon

Week 9 vs. Utah

Week 10 @ Arizona

Option Two: Playing every team

In this mock situation, we have the Pac-12 playing every Pac-12 team. The other add-in with this one is that we made the schedule to be more like a basketball one to limit travel.

Week 1 @ Oregon

Week 2 @ Oregon State

Week 3 vs. UCLA

Week 4 vs. USC

Week 6 @ Washington State

Week 7 @ Washington

Week 8 vs. Utah

Week 9 vs. Colorado

Week 10 @ Stanford

Week 11 @ Cal

Week 13 @ Arizona

Option Three: A condensed South season

In the third mock schedule this plan has the South teams only playing the South Division in a season shortened or delayed even more.

Week 1 @ USC

Week 2 vs. UCLA

Week 3 @ Colorado

Week 4 vs. Utah

Week 5 @ Arizona

Which option do you like the most?