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ASU Football: Sun Devils ready to take on challenge of chaotic shortened season

Ready to go

A little over a month ago, the PAC-12 followed the Big-10 in canceling all sporting events through at least the end of the calendar year. This decision, which was the status quo at the time for many collegiate and prep athletic leagues, looked to be a death sentence for ASU football this school year.

That all changed Thursday.

The PAC-12 again followed the lead of other power five conferences and announced that the conference had voted to move forward with a fall football season, starting in early November. In a zoom call with local media this morning, head coach Herm Edwards gave an update on his squad in lieu of the good news.

“I’m just so happy for our guys,” Edwards said. “We’re grateful, I really thought all the coaches and ADs in the conference did a great job in getting this done the right way.”

Without a normal training camp and the usual out of conference games, the Sun Devils will first take the field against a conference foe, leaving the team with zero margin for error out of the gate. While this will undoubtedly be a challenge, Edwards has faith in the preparation and work ethic of his team.

“I don’t know exactly what our practice schedule will be, but if you give us five weeks we’ll be ready to play.”

Edwards didn’t get into specifics about many players, but naturally sophomore quarterback Jayden Daniels was brought up.

“Last year, we didn’t ask (Daniels) to do too much other than not turn the ball over and just manage the game,” Edwards said. “This year he knows the offense is built around him, and that he needs to lead.”

Daniels will take his first snap in just over six weeks, and the condensed season will fly by from that point on. As of now, a seven games in seven weeks gauntlet awaits ASU, followed by postseason play should they be so fortunate.

“We have to worry about what we can control this season,” Edwards said. “We don’t know what the situation will look like in two months, one month, even next week! We’re playing against two opponents this year, and one of them is invisible.”