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Devil Distancing: Morgan Howe being a pro baller

Former ASU All-American

Howe with teammates in 2019

House of Sparky caught up with former All-American softball player Morgan Howe, who is a part of the newest professional softball league — Athletes Unlimited, and is competing right now in Rosemont, Illinois.

She will be playing games this weekend for Team Hayward alongside another former Devil in Sashel Palacios. The games are being aired on ESPN3 and CBS Sports Network, and Team Hayward starts off their weekend today at 12:30 p.m. local time.

Favorite memory as a Sun Devil?

My favorite memory as a Sun Devil has to be opening night of my junior year. The first time I got to run out on the field as a Sun Devil in Club Farrington, hearing the crowd - all of it was just so exhilarating. Adding to that, the crowd, the fans, the Sun Devil nation overflowing the stadium that same year when we hosted Super Regionals and punched our ticket to OKC. THAT CROWD was something. I’ll always remember it as a Sun Devil!

What does a typical day in your life look like today?

A typical day in my life right now is I’ll wake up, make breakfast, and get ready to go to “The Dome”. I’ll workout with my teammate and then I’ll go to practice with my team for that week. This weekend, we’ve officially started our season and playing our first games! So a typical day over this weekend is wake up, eat breakfast and head to “the dome”. I’ll get some treatment and then change into my pre-game attire. I’ll go through a pre-game warm up with my team and then we’ll play our game!!

If you could re-live one game in your ASU career what would it be?

If I could relive one game from my Sun Devil career, it would be our third series game against Utah at home in 2019. The legendary Alli Tatnall walk-off. Coming back to score NINE RUNS IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SEVENTH TOOK THE ENTIRE ARMY. So freaking incredible. So many emotions. Hands-down would relive that game if I could!

Is there a player or coach from your time at ASU who had a profound impact on your life?

There are a number of teammates and coaches that had a huge impact on me, but one former teammate that had the biggest impact is Jill Compton. I was fortunate enough to play my freshman year behind her at Fresno State. Even more fortunate to go through that second year with her as one of our GA’s. And then lucky doesn’t even describe it having her as a GA my junior and senior year at ASU. Jill Compton took me under her wing back when I was a little freshman and kept me there throughout my entire career. Not only pushed me to start opening up my mental game and help push me to new physical limits in workouts and practices but also kept me true to myself and being a great human being. Not only helped me as an athlete but was a good soul to keep me grounded and build me up as a person. I owe everything to Jill honestly.

Is there a current Sun Devil you enjoy watching?

So many current Sun Devils I enjoy to watch! My favorites have to be Bella Loomis and Alynah Torres. I was never an infielder - not the sight to see - but watching those two, I’m in pure awe. I had the chance to play with Bella for two years and knowing who she is as a human just makes me that much more overjoyed when I see her succeed! I’ve spoken to Alynah on numerous occasions and man, another great soul!! Love watching them get gritty and be studs up the middle!

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