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ASU Football: Oklahoma tight end Jalin Conyers transfers to Arizona State

Former four-star recruit

Herm Edwards and Zak Hill just got a talented addition to their offense. Jalin Conyers, who spent his freshman season at Oklahoma, announced his transfer to Arizona State on Friday.

Hill’s offense has a need for a lot of production from tight ends as pass catchers and run blockers. Conyers looks to be a player that can fit that mold.

According to 247Sports’ 2019 rankings, Conyers was a four-star tight end. He was ranked 208th amongst all recruits, fifth best tight end, and 32nd top prospect from the state of Texas.

At Oklahoma, Conyers didn’t register a catch and one could probably guess he wanted to be more involved. There’s a clear path for playing time and production for him in Tempe.

Over the past few weeks, the Sun Devils have brought in North Carolina transfer Triston Miller, and got the news that defensive backs Jack Jones and Evan Fields were returning for another season.

It appears that with a group of de-commits, that Arizona State wanted to focus more on a roster set to win in 2021. Don’t be shocked if the Sun Devils bring in more transfers and talent in the coming weeks.