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ASU Football: Herm Edwards Previews Washington matchup

Headed up to Seattle

Zac BonDurant

It’s a victory Monday for the first time in a month, and Herm Edwards relished the opportunity to break down a win in his weekly press conference Monday afternoon at Sun Devil Stadium. Arizona State is 6-3, and 4-2 in Pac-12 play.

After two straight disastrous and embarrassing losses, the Sun Devils put it all together to handle USC at home on Saturday night. Now, the team prepares for Washington, which will be without its head coach following a one game suspension for shoving a player on the sideline. It will be the third straight game ASU will face an opponent with an interim head coach.

“Washington’s a very good defense, very strong offensively too. They have some potential at the wide receiver and tight end position. They played Oregon really good. They have a good fan base, very loud. We anticipate it to be a very physical game.”

On the struggling passing game

“It’s just really the connection between the receivers and the quarterback. There have been a few that have been dropped, which we can clean up. There’s been some Jayden probably wants back. It’s a work in progress there’s no doubt about that. UCLA was probably a game where we put it together with the passing game and the run game.”

Washington head coach Jimmy Lake is out for at least this week, and the Sun Devils prepare for a team without its original coach for the third straight game. Edwards discussed the preparation for a situation like this.

“The coaches basically decide what kind of plan you wanna present to the players, but you still have the same players. I think whoever sits in that coach’s seat, you gotta realize the players don’t change, and you have to put them in the best position to be successful. The system’s in, you’re not going to change the system in a week. It’s all about the players.

The salute to service game was played on Saturday night, and Edwards discussed the importance of upholding the school’s legacy when it comes to service.

“Part of the legacy of this place, obviously Pat Tillman brought that image to this place. I think it’s wonderful. I understand and think it’s important. My father served in two wars, and this week always reminds me of what I was taught by my dad, to not take freedom for granted. When I see service people at games the first thing I do is stop and shake their hands and say thank you for what you do.”

When you’re the quarterback of a big time college football program, expectations and pressure are part of the job. For Jayden Daniels, it seems he’s been chasing those expectations since his breakout freshman season. Edwards discussed how he and his staff can keep the junior quarterback grounded.

“He’s a quarterback and he realizes that that’s part of it. We realize what he’s dealing with with expectations. It seems like every year expectations grow, no matter who puts them on you. That’s part of being a quarterback. He can’t do it by himself though, and that’s a conversation I have to have with him. He’ll get through it, he’ll be fine.”

Only one injury update was provided. Jack Jones, who was inactive, is expected to be a full go and play this weekend at Washington.

We can always count on at least one good Herm-ism each week. Today was no exception. When asked about the benefits of a healthy passing and running game, he said this:

“It’s easier to fly to California than it is to drive! The plane is easier.”

He must not have heard about the cancellations at Phoenix Sky Harbor lately.