Top Rugby Betting Tips

Rugby league is one of Australia's most popular and loved sport. Events like the Annual State of Origin can divide the nation for weeks on end. For those who don't know, Rugby is a full-contact sport with 13 players on each team. The game's objective is to take the ball in the opposing team's goal within 6 tackles.

Rugby is an exciting sport that has fans all over Australia. So much so that Australians love betting on their favourite teams. If you are interested in betting on the NRL, you'll benefit from our tips below.

Tips for Betting on Rugby

Rugby betting is very common in Australia. Everyone wants a shortcut to becoming rich, and they start betting on their favourite team. Therefore, we sat down with our tipsters and betting experts to write this guide for you. Keep reading till the end to benefit from our betting expert's knowledge.

Widen Your Horizon

The first rule of betting is to minimise risk. Most people fail at this point because they believe betting has nothing to do with logic and planning. Registering with as many bookmakers as possible allows you to keep your options open.

You can view different rates offered by each bookmaker. Plus, not all bookmakers are taking bets on the match you are willing to bet on. So having a huge selection of bookmakers helps you bet and track every match.

Analyze Team Players

Rugby is a team sport, and for your team to win, everyone should be physically fit. Therefore, it becomes crucial to analyse the favourite team players. You are mainly looking for physical and mental fitness, so check the records of each player.

Find out if anyone got seriously injured, and it would affect their performance. Plus, keep track of the international commitments of Rugby players. If your star player is committed to an upcoming international match, there are chances he won't play as good as before.

Look For Team Motivation

Motivation is the key to winning, and as a punter, it's your job to see who is hungry to win. Look for team motivation and spirit. You can do this by analysing your favourite team's international calendar. Check if your team is gearing up for an international fixture. If so, it means your favourite team will try harder to win and improve their ratings. This is a key tip to betting on a winning team.

Analyse Current Ranking

Team and player ranking have a lot to do in determining the outcome of a match. Even if your favourite team is geared up for success, if it's low in the ranking, it means there are fewer chances of a win. Although betting on a Rugby match involves a bit of luck, blindly trusting lady luck will result in a failed bet.

Try Handicap Betting

Most Australians bet on handicaps to boost their winnings. This allows them to multiply their earnings by placing bets on the scorecard. Rugby matches are straightforward. If a team is strong, there are relatively low chances of a draw.

The win is mostly accentuated with a large points gap. So hoping that an underdog team will beat a strong opponent is wishing on shooting stars. Instead, analyse the situation and maximise your winnings by placing your bets on the scorecard.

Make Sure You Know The Rules

As it is with every betting guide, knowing the rules is important. Some Rugby games have encouraged an attacking game by rewarding winning bonus points. You can use this to your advantage when you bet on a Rugby match.

Plus, you should know if the rules of the game have been updated or not. On the other hand, keeping up to date information about your bookmaker is also important. In the end, research will go a long way and help you bet on the right team.

Ending Note

Rugby is a passionate sport, and Australians are addicted to this sport. The sheer pressure on the field and cheering for your favourite team brings people together. If you are confident that a team will win, you can place a winning bet and earn a little cash on the side. But go through our tips for betting one more time before you take a shot at betting.

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