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Women’s Golf Four to Flourish in 2021-2022: Alexandra Forsterling


The 2014 Junior Ryder Cup - Day 2 Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

“The bench” — the last place an athlete wants to be.

Arizona State Women’s golfer Alexandra “Lexi” Forsterling experienced what it’s like to take that seat.

Forsterling was in the running for sixth man at Nationals, along with Amanda Linner.

Ultimately, Linner made the lineup.

There is something about not being chosen that motivates someone to never be left out again.

Coach Missy Farr-Kaye knows the feeling.

“I didn’t go to Nationals my first year, and I was sixth man. I said to myself, ‘Man I hated that feeling, and I’m going to work even harder so coach is never going to leave me home.’ And she didn’t. I never got left home again. And I wasn’t the fifth man; I was like the third man, so I had solidified my spot, and I knew that I was going… I’m hoping that’s where Lexi is at because she is extremely talented,” Farr-Kaye said.

But just because Forsterling didn’t make the cut to play at Nationals, doesn’t mean she had a bad year.

Forsterling finished in the top 10 three times, and she earned Honorable Mention for The Pac-12 All-Conference Honors.

This off-season, Forsterling won the German Ladies Amateur in June and is continuing to improve her game.

Farr-Kaye has a feeling that Forsterling is playing from a place of frustration, and that it will motivate her to never be left behind again.

“I think she really doesn’t want to be in that space again next year,” Farr-Kaye said.

It’s all about redemption.

That motivation can easily give Forsterling the boost she needs to elevate her game for her senior year.

“I really see her shining this year… and being a leader and seeing what she can do,” Farr-Kaye said.