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Women’s Golf Four to Flourish in 2021-2022: Amanda Linner

Full steam ahead

Augusta National Women’s Amateur - Round Two Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

When Arizona State Women’s Golf experienced cancellations of both their Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 seasons because of the COVID-19 pandemic, sophomore Amanda Linner was caught in the “cross-hairs.”

Although she will be a junior this 2021-2022 season, her experience emulates that of a freshman.

Linner, a Swedish native, was a mid-year addition her freshman year and was unable to get the true college experience because of the cancellations.

This past spring was finally the first time Linner could compete at the collegiate level, but she already was at a disadvantage — she never saw any of the courses before.

However, coach Missy Farr-Kaye described Linner as “resilient” and that is exactly what she demonstrated this past season.

In her Pac-12 Championship debut, Linner shot a career best 67 (-4) and was tied for the overall lead. She shot her best on the back nine and was a good reason that ASU was able to maintain their third place positioning.

Although Linner had a chance at the individual title, she eventually finished ninth. It was her third top 10 finish this season.

She also got to play at the NCAA Championship at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale and finally found her stride in the world of collegiate golf.

“She was just trying to figure out college golf let alone every tournament and everything. She’s working really hard, she’s doing great…. I anticipate her to continue on that,” Farr-Kay said.

Now that Linner finally has experience under her belt, it’s full steam ahead.

With her first full season upcoming, Linner should truly blossom and show what she is really capable of with all the adversity (hopefully) behind her.