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Women’s Golf Four to Flourish in 2021-2022: Calynne Rosholt

Just getting started

Photo Courtesy of WSGA

Arizona State Women’s Golf will welcome one new freshman in the fall — Calynne Rosholt.

Rosholt, an Arizona native, competed for Cactus Shadows in Scottsdale and is the 2020 AIA Division II State Champion.

She is a top 400 amateur in the world and won JGAA Player of the Year for 2020.

She is a perfect addition to the team.

“What I love about Calynne is that she is a fighter, and she doesn’t waste time getting upset or frustrated… If she has a bad round or a mediocre round, a lot of times she’ll come back and fire a low round, which I really like… and honestly, that’s a little bit unusual to find that,” coach Missy Farr-Kaye said.

Rosholt and coach Farr-Kaye’s relationship is rooted in Sun Devil Athletics. Farr-Kaye was teammates with Calynne’s mom, Lynne (Mikulas) Rosholt, and together they won a National Championship in 1990 with ASU.

Maroon and Gold practically runs through Calynne Rosholt’s blood.

Farr-Kaye describes her as a “tough cookie,” and does not seem to by worried by the challenges that she is about to face.

Being a freshman can be daunting, but Farr-Kaye has all the confidence in Calynne Rosholt and her ability to shine.

Calynne Rosholt is playing in a junior tournament in the next few weeks and will continue to polish her game before she steps onto campus in the Fall.