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ASU Football Position Group Preview: Quarterbacks

The future is the biggest question

Zac BonDurant

Jayden Daniels is the starting quarterback of the Arizona State Sun Devils and that’s all it is to it. This preview will include his growth and what it might mean for the Sun Devils, however, life after Daniels currently is a murky image.

The Sun Devils’ Ceiling

There’s a lot of factors that play into whether or not Arizona State can truly make a run at the Pac-12 title. The biggest one is how well Daniels can play. Obviously, the offensive line needs to keep him upright and the wide receivers have to take their own step forward to help Daniels. Nevertheless, he plays the most important position in all of sports and if he’s able to play at, let’s say a top 15 quarterback in the nation level, a Pac-12 title might truly be in reach regardless of the other situations around the team.

Daniels still doesn’t have a ton of games under his belt because of the shortened season, but he is in the second year of offensive coordinator Zak Hill’s offense, and generally there is always a progression for a quarterback in year two of an offense. He might have the most talented backfield in the nation behind him and one of the better Sun Devil offensive lines in recent memory. Daniels has demonstrated the ability to take over games already. If he’s a little bit better from the pocket and can evaluate the play of his receivers, while continuing to be a threat on the ground, the Sun Devils will be in a good place.

What Happens After Daniels?

If all goes right for Daniels and the Sun Devils, chances are he’ll be headed for the NFL next spring. Hill said a few weeks ago that Trenton Bourguet was the backup quarterback at that moment. Bourguet, an unrated recruit, has impressed the staff for awhile making sense that he’d assume that role. However, he’s been in a walking boot at practice the past few days.

Arizona State has a pair of freshmen — former three-star recruits — in Finn Collins and Daylin McLemore. Could they step up if asked to? Collins flashed in the spring and has brought some excitement.

The Sun Devils currently don’t have a 2022 quarterback commitment and the well has seemed to dried up a bit especially after the likes of AJ Duffy, Nicco Marchiol and Justyn Martin went elsewhere. Arizona State will probably be a player in the transfer market when that time comes.

This is mostly guesses and speculation. If Arizona State fans have to see anyone not named Jayden Daniels beyond center it is either a blowout or an injury, which will prevent Arizona State reaching its peak anyways.

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