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ASU Football: Sun Devils unveil gold jerseys set to be worn against Colorado

Coming September 25

Courtesy of Sun Devil Athletics

Everyone loves a new jersey, (well, most of the time). Arizona State released a new jersey that the Sun Devils will wear against Colorado on September 25.

The most striking feature is that the top is gold combined with maroon lettering. The shoulders feature the Arizona flag design that the Sun Devils have incorporated into their jerseys of recent years. According to Sun Devil uniform expert Cole Streeper, or better know as @ASU_Uniformity on Twitter, this is the first gold jersey for Sun Devil football since 1990.

Let’s chat about your thoughts on the jerseys. In my personal opinion, not a big fan of them and there’s probably a reason there hasn’t been a gold jersey for 30 years. I think it’d look a lot better with a maroon helmet as Minnesota has a similar combination. However, I am happy to see a non-black primary colored jersey as I think the black colorway has started to dominate a lot of Sun Devil jerseys lately.