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ASU Football: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly vs. UNLV

It was mostly good

Richard Martinez/ House of Sparky

Two weeks, two wins, and two straight bumps in the AP Poll Top 25. Arizona State made the jump from 23 to 19 after a 37-10 drubbing of the UNLV Rebels. A win is a win, even though some are prettier than others they all count the same. Just in some, there is more bad and ugly, than good.

The Good - Offensive efficiency

While it took Zak Hills unit some time to get rolling, the offenses efficiency was apparent on a night where not everything was working. The Sun Devils went 8 for 14 on third downs, and 2 for 3 on fourth down. The Devils also dominated the time of possession, wearing out an outnumbered Rebels defense that could only stop so much. The season is still early, and to see a team filled with young talent display an amount of poise and discipline on a night where the running game struggled to get going is promising.

The Bad - Jayden Daniels and his refusal to slide

Why won’t Daniels protect himself? The Devils signal caller displayed his elusiveness and athleticism all game, but kept leaving Herm Edwards, Hill, and the Sun Devil faithful with worry in their minds because he DOESN’T SLIDE. Daniels wouldn’t protect himself, and continued to take unnecessary hits all night. Gaining a few extra yards is great, unwanted injuries in non-conference play is not. For yourself and others, Jayden, please slide.

The Ugly - The Helmets

Just kidding! The uniforms were awesome. Especially the multi-colored, maroon chrome lids. Make me the president of the “Let’s wear those every week” club.

The Real Ugly - The Receivers

Yes, Johnny Wilson (finally) scored, but these receivers still lack burst and fail to make a consistent impact. LV Bunkley-Shelton was a non-factor until his late touchdown when the game was already decided. Wilson was the cause of an interception and where was Ricky Pearsall after last week? The Devils can get by UNLV and Southern Utah without a passing game, but they’re going to need more than just potential against 23rd ranked BYU.