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ASU Football: Herm Edwards notebook following BYU loss, ahead of Colorado

Looking for less flags

Arizona State v Bigham Young Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Unfortunately for Arizona State football, the woes of Saturday night’s loss at BYU didn’t end when the clock hit triple zeroes. Graduate transfer defensive end Travez Moore, who exited the game during the third quarter, suffered a season-ending knee injury. This comes as yet another blow to an Sun Devil defensive line that is already without defensive tackle Jermayne Lole for the duration of the 2021 campaign.

As he does on Mondays, Herm Edwards met with media to discuss the loss on the field and in the trainer’s room, and how the team is preparing to host Colorado on Saturday night.

“We’re excited to play at home again, Edwards said. “We’re hoping to clean up some of the miscues from the BYU game. I met with the team captains so we’ll see where it goes from there.”

On the Passing game

“You’re gonna need some explosive plays, and they can’t all come from the running game or from Jayden with his legs. You need some explosive passes, we hit a few but you can’t get them called back. That’s how you have to move the ball sometimes. We know we can have the explosive runs, but you have to be able to pass the ball. It gets the offense excited too.”

As the Dust Settles

The somber theme from Saturday’s loss was the offensive inability to consistently execute the simple things under pressure. Edwards believes that after a long talk with the offensive staff and captains that the team has this issue fixed, and that it shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

“I think we’re all on the same page of what needs to transpire. When you look at our football team, to play a game like that against a good opponent, it’s gonna be very difficult to win. Hopefully, it’s a good lesson for us. Generally, if you’re a good football team you’re going to average four or five fouls a game. Now that number is catastrophic. We can’t win games when we play like that.”

As cliché as it may sound, the only thing a team can do after a messy and disappointing loss is move forward and learn from it.

“We’ve had this happen before, being 2-0 and then losing a game. We found our way back, and that’s what you gotta do now. I think guys are excited it’s Pac-12 play now and all these games are very important.

“When you look at Colorado’s tape, you see a really good defense. They don’t give up a lot of points,” Edwards said. “Their last game, the ball got turned over a lot and put their defense in bad position, but they’re very sound.”

The Buffaloes are coming off a beating from Minnesota, a 30-0 loss on their home field in Boulder. While the young team has bright spots, it’s considered to be the second weakest team in the south, ahead of only Arizona which may very well be the worst team in the Power-5. ASU does tend to play up and down to the level of its opponent under Edwards, so expecting a game of similar margin to Colorado’s last contest isn’t wise.

Health update

Aside From Moore, running back DeaMonte Trayanum and defensive back Timarcus Davis were shelved on Saturday. Edwards is confident both will be ready to go for Colorado.

The October 2 matchup @ UCLA is officially slotted for 7:30 pm, it was announced Monday morning. With both squads dropping games to unranked opponents, the game was likely moved from the Fox afternoon slot to a typical Pac-12 after dark night kickoff.