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ASU Football: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly vs Washington

Washington v Arizona State Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

You all can thank me for Saturdays win. If you didn’t see, I was wearing a shirt commemorating the 1987 Rose Bowl team that said “Onward To Victory.” And onward to victory we marched. Shout out my new Twitter friend Brad Denny for showing my shirt some love on the bird app, I think I have to wear that shirt for every game now. Let’s get into the good, bad and ugly.

The Good: Trenton Bourguet

Trenton Bourslayed (yes) the Huskies on Saturday in heroic fashion, as the former walk-on turned a hapless Saturday afternoon into an unforgettable day in Tempe (and an unforgettable night on Mills Street according to Kevin Redfern.)

Bourguet had his moment in the sun, tossing three scores and showing poise and collectiveness that isn’t often seen in a quarterback making his first meaningful game appearance. Bourguet faced some tough third downs and distances, and stepped up and made gutsy throw after gutsy throw when it mattered most, and ignited a fanbase and team on an afternoon when they desperately needed a victory. Most importantly, Bourguet’s stellar play begs the question, should the redshirt junior be the starter going forward? Whether he will be or not, #Bourguetseason will always have that Saturday afternoon in Tempe.

The Bad: X Valladay and Daniyel Ngata

Those are some bad men. I don’t mean bad in the bad way, I mean those two cats are extra bad in the super good way. X and Ngata combined for 150 yards on the ground and two scores on the ground (and another in the air), and fought for tough yards all day against a defense that didn’t want any piece of the two stallions in the Devils backfield. As good as Bourguet played, his running backs made life easy for him, as they kept the Huskies honest and made them respect the run. I feel like a broken record but it’s worth saying, Valladay has been a stud all year, and Ngata needs more touches. The more carries those two guys get, the better the Devils will be.

The Ugly

The Uniforms. They’re ugly, but you need to keep wearing them, right? They’ve got good juju.

The Awesome: Coach

How can you not feel great for Coach Aguano. The guy was given an impossible job, with an uncertain fate after this season, and he has done everything right. Aguano, who’s preached that this team needs to be family, and that the ups and downs are a part of building a winner, had his much deserved moment on Saturday. And even after picking up his first win as the head coach, he praised his players, and their commitment to what he is trying to build. The game wasn’t perfect, there were still some mistakes, but Aguano has rallied this team and has gotten better and better each week on the job. For an afternoon at Sun Devil Stadium, Coach Aguano united the ASU faithful.