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ASU Football: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly vs Oregon State

A perfectly ugly senior night

Zac BonDurant

At least it’s over. Another week, another bad home loss. Another week where the offense just isn’t producing. Another week where the defense can’t stop a fart. And another week where the outlook on the future gets bleaker and bleaker.

I genuinely can’t think of one good thing that happened on Saturday. The weather was great, it was homecoming and senior day, but the final home game felt more like a funeral service than a celebration. It felt like a send off to a season that I’m sure most fans will wish to forget.

To put an end cap on the final home game of the year, let’s break down the good, bad and ugly.


I’m serious, there was nothing good on Saturday except for X Valladay. On senior day, X made sure to leave it out on the line. Head coach Shaun Aguano called his running back the “heart and soul” of the Sun Devil program, and his performance proved his coach right. Valladay went for 13 carries, 109 yards and a score and went out with his legs pumping.

In a forgettable season, I hope Sun Devil fans don’t forget about X and how he’s produced.

The Bad-Everything else

I genuinely could not think of one good thing (other than X) that happened on Sunday.

The defense gave up 31 points and 443 (including 222 on the ground) yards to an offense led by a back-up quarterback, 28 first downs and couldn’t tackle. Kyle Soelle gave it a go, but is clearly not 100 percent.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said it, but any chance of Aguano being the head coach is gone.

The Ugly-The Uniforms

With all the great uniform combinations, I don’t understand why the Devils continue to trot out the (dehydrated) pee yellow combo. However it does feel fitting that on a terrible last home game at the end of a terrible season, they wore the grossest worst uniforms they possibly could. Those uni’s are the worst thing to come out of this season and that’s saying something.