The Fastest Minute in NFL Football Week #9


The Chargers-3 won a squeaker over the Falcons, 20–17. The Patriots-5.5 defense sacked the Colts 9 times and won 26–3. Then, the 3-5-1 Colts sacked HC Frank Reich. The Dolphins-5 outscored the Bears 35–32. The Bengals-7.5 win big without Chase, 42–21. Joe Mixon scored five TDs. The Vikings-3.5 get by the Commanders, 20–17. The Jets+13 ground game pounded the Bills late, 20–17. How serious is Allen’s injury? Five sacks and two INTs could be telling. The Jaguars+1.5 rocked the Raiders, 27–20. The Seahawks+2 and K-9 killed the Cards 31–21. The Rams drop another to the Bucs-2.5, 27-17. Can you say, "One & Done"? Of course, the Bucs don’t have much of a shot at returning to the SB this year, either. The Lions+3.5 stunned the Pack, 15–9. The Pack has deeper problems than just the QB. How to Watch Mosconi Cup 2022 in US and Canada