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ASU Football: Live Blog and Game Thread from road-opener at Oklahoma State

Stay tuned all game long

Zac BonDurant

Stay tuned on this page for game updates and analysis from Arizona State against Oklahoma State. We encourage you to post your thoughts in the comment section while you watch Thursday’s contest. Your comments can be questions, concerns excitement, GIFs, or just general thoughts about Arizona State or OSU. Please keep it civil, folks.

Op1ponent Primer: Oklahoma State Cowboys

Oklahoma State Preview, planning for Spencer Sanders, hostile environment and more

Storylines to watch against Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State players to watch

Tune in

Where: Boone Pickens Stadium, Stillwater, OK

Watch: 4:30 pm (AZ time) on ESPN2.

Listen: 98.7 FM


  • Final: 34-17 OSU.
  • Sun Devils are dying a death by a thousand paper cuts. They get to 3rd-and-31 inside their own 10-yard line, then punt.
  • A couple of missed tackles extend the drive for OSU. A touchdown should seal the deal, and it comes on a wide open connection from Sanders to Ollie Gordon. 34-17 OSU.
  • Ro Torrence back on the field. He gets a PI. Close call. Next play is a flea flicker for a long OSU score. 27-17 OSU. ASU responds with a punt.
  • This game continues to get spicier. Valladay breaks a monster run, then Jones finds Badger for their first-ever touchdown connection. 20-17 OSU


  • Jones was looking to air it out, but gets sacked. They will need another big-hitter to come back. He connects with Badger on a long third-down conversion to end the quarter. 20-10 OSU.
  • When the ASU defense controls the tempo of the OSU offense, the pass rush is brilliant. When they are caught playing catchup, they struggle. That time they force their own three-and-out.
  • Another three-and-out for ASU. Valladay found no running lanes.
  • OSU drives down and kicks a field goal. Timarcus Davis got burnt on a huge gain, and there were some penalty gymnastics around the goal line, but ASU only allows three. 20-10 OSU.
  • Carter Brown misses the 47-yard field goal attempt.
  • Isaia Glass is back at left tackle.
  • Daniyel Ngata is the feature back on this drive, and the fresh legs are working. A pass-interference call goes in favor of ASU, and the Sun Devils are inside the OSU 40.
  • Ro Torrence has left due to injury, and Sanders immediately started picking on Keon Markham at outside corner. Timarcus Davis fields the punt this time around. ASU winning the field position battle early in the second half.
  • Before I get back into my seat, ASU is inside the five after a 73-yard hookup between Emory Jones and Giovanni Sanders. Valladay punches it in. 17-10 OSU.


  • Ro Torrence left for the locker room with an injury, and OSU drills the 44-yard field goal. 17-3 OSU.
  • Nothing working for ASU offensively. The line is getting bullied. Three-and-out and ASU will punt.
  • Spencer Sanders marches OSU down, but gets some help with a 15-yard roughing the passer penalty on Joe Moore. The next play would have been third and long. Sanders trots into the endzone. 14-3 OSU.
  • Nesta Jade Silvera and D.J. Taylor both exit with injuries.
  • Messiah Swinson makes his introduction with a 15-yard reception. Both teams’ offensive lines are struglling, so it’s a game of runs and quick-hitters. ASU cannot make it passed midfield. Czaplicki punts to the OSU 4.
  • OSU is in a groove. Running back Dominic Richardson and Spencer Sanders ran the ball down ASU’s throat for their first scoring-drive of the night. 7-3 OSU.
  • Huge play for the Cowboys. Third-and-one from the ASU 44 is a run play blown up by Brock Martin, who forces a fumble on Valladay. OSU takes over at the ASU 40.
  • Merlin Robertson was not on the field on third down, but Keon Markham made a great play down the sidline. OSU punts to the ASU 30. First-half under-bettors can start to smile.
  • Emmit Bohle entered at left tackle for Glass, and gave up the sack to end the first quarter. ASU gets to fourth-and-inches, but after a timeout, Herm opts to punt. Czaplicki punts 42 yards to the OSU 15.


  • Timarcus Davis says hello to the 2022 season by breaking up a medium-length pass on first-and-long. ASU defensive backs are giving a lot of cushion to the OSU receivers. They are defending the big play. Kyle Soelle picks off Sanders deep in ASU territory. Emory Jones gets sacked as the first quarter comes to an end. 3-0 ASU.
  • Sun Devils are held to a three-and-out. OSU starting to get some momentum as the first quarter hits the under-three mark.
  • B.J. Green II is taking on, and dominating, double-teams on the line of scrimmage. The sophomore walk-on continues to impress. Pesefea with a penalty after the whistle, and he gets pulled. He has been rotating with Nesta Jade Silvera, who was limited in practice this week. This game is getting chippy. Joe Moore walks off the field with an injury. OSU punts to the ASU 20.
  • Elijah Badger makes a nifty play to extend a medium-route into a long one. Looked like Jones had Giovanni Sanders up the seam for a touchdown, but maybe not. There are clear holes in the secondary that ASU is trying to exploit. Poor drive from Jones overall after the completion to Badger. He went 0-for-3 after the big pickup. ASU punts to the OSU 10.
  • Sun Devils get a three and out. Big plays from B.J. Green II and Merlin Robertson. ASU will start at its own 25.
  • Valladay starts the drive with a 42-yard rush. He picks up where he left off. Charles Hall IV was wide open and broke an 18-yard gain on a boot-play. Drive ends in a field goal after Jones misses Swinson in the end zone. 3-0 ASU.
  • Long return sets up OSU nicely at their own 41. Cooper, Pesefea, Norman-Lott and Joe Moore across the line. Kyle Soelle and Robertson at linebackers. Nickel as base, so D.J. Taylor, Torrence, Davis, Edmonds and Khoury Bethley in the defensive backfield. Taylor blows up a screen on third down. OSU will punt. ASU to start at its own 13.
  • ASU wins the toss and defers. Defense first.


  • BBQ meal and ice cream sandwich have been deleted. Let’s do this.
  • Starting offensive-line in warmups, from left to right: Glass, Henderson, Scott, Martinez, Holmes (debut)
  • It looks like Jordan Clark will play. He is dressed and warming up.
  • You’ll see it all over the internet and social media, but Stillwater and Boone Pickens Stadium are both extremely comforting. ASU fans have filed into town all week, and both fanbases are mingling well. The hospitality is worth noting.