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ASU Football: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly at Oklahoma State

Uglier than the first


Before I say anything, it’s only week two, and unlike timeouts and Herm, I won’t waste words.

Let’s get into it.

The Good - The Badger man

Where were you when Elijhah Badger became the greatest player in Sun Devil history?

I’m kidding, but seriously what has this coaching staff been doing to NOT put this guy on the field? Sun Devil fans were cheering so much for a Badger you would have thought we were in Madison, Wisconsin. Badger put up six catches for 91 yards and a score, but his impact felt so much bigger. In a game where the Sun Devils where expected to get blown out, Badger and company made this game a dog fight until Spencer Sanders did Spencer Sanders things.

Badger got an opportunity and made the most of it, and earned himself more playing time and the trust of Emory Jones and Coach Edwards.

The Bad - Coaching

I feel like a broken record. Fourth down and one yard, timeout, punt. PUNT? In no situation is that a punt opportunity, especially at a point where the game is falling out of your hands. Edwards had an opportunity to take a risk, and give his team the chance to compete for a victory against the No. 8 team in the country in their own house, and he punted.

Edwards is on the hot seat, and his teams consistently lack the fire to take command in do or die situations.

The lack of a pass rush

I brushed off the lack of pressure last week, as teams can be rusty and still be trying to figure out their personnel and looks for the season. But now, can anybody please get to the quarterback? Sanders is far too good to let sit back and run and throw all over your defense, and the lack of blitzes and dialed up packages was frustrating.

If you can’t get to the quarterback on your own, manufacture pressure.

The Ugly - The penalties.

Death, taxes and the Sun Devils racking up another double digit penalty game. Seriously, when is this going to get fixed? It’s always been an issue with Herm and his band, and at this point it should be expected that it will never get fixed. Bad coaching plus bad habits plus bad weather equals Losing