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Rumor: ASU Football staffers allegedly leaked info to opponents in order to get Herm Edwards fired

The claim comes from an unnamed opposing coach who spoke with The Athletic

Zac BonDurant

The internet blew up in speculation after The Athletic’s Doug Haller reported that an unnamed coach told the publication that “it wasn’t hard to get intel on this season’s team because some within Arizona State athletics wanted a coaching change.”

ASU athletic director Ray Anderson announced earlier in the week that Edwards and the school mutually agreed to part ways on Sunday afternoon following ASU’s 30-21 home loss to Eastern Michigan.

This is not the first time that there has been heavy speculation regarding leaks from the ASU football program. Rumors started circling online in 2021 that the package containing alleged recruiting violations sent to ASU’s compliance office came from a former coach who was disgruntled with Edwards’s program.

If true, the report could have long-term job implications for assistants, should ASU bring in an outside candidate for its permanent head coach.

What are your thoughts on the rumor?