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ASU Football: Halftime report as ASU trails Arizona 38-7

ASU defense has given up back-to-back poor performances, surrendering over 400 yards of offense to the Wildcats

Zachary BonDurant

TEMPE — It was clear from the jump that the Wildcats were out to avenge Arizona’s 70-7 loss in 2020, and the Wildcats are halfway there, leading 38-7 at the intermission.

The Sun Devils, whose defense has been the face of the program this season, has surrendered 410 yards of offense to Noah Fifita and the Wildcats. The Sun Devils’ secondary has had fits locking down crossing routs as Fifita was 19-29 for 357 and a pair of touchdowns in the first 30 minutes.

Arizona State took its first lead with a 75 yard drive that was entirely on the ground, highlighted by tight end Jalin Conyers receiving direct snaps. Since, Arizona State has had no success on offense and drive shave stalled or resulted in turnovers. There is obvious rust on Jaden Rashada, who played his first snaps since week 2 against Oklahoma State, as Arizona State has only 25 yards through the air.

Dillingham and Arizona State must make adjustments at half or Arizona State may be on the short end of a blowout loss at home.