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ASU Football: Sun Devils part ways with Beau Baldwin

Arizona State will look to a different offensive coordinator for next season

Colorado v Arizona State Photo by Bruce Yeung/Getty Images

Arizona State will look in a different direction on offense as offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin will not return to the program for the 2024-25 season. ASU’s offense was a culmination of injuries and inconsistency in Baldwin’s first year with the program, ranking near the bottom in most offensive categories in the Pac-12.

The Sun Devils will move on from Baldwin as OC for the upcoming season as play calling was taken over by head coach Kenny Dillingham in Week 4 against USC and continued for the remainder of the season. Baldwin reportedly only called plays as offensive coordinator for three weeks.

Arizona State’s offense was littered with injuries over the course of 12 games which led to inconsistent play. The quarterback position in particular was an unexpected turn of event for the Sun Devils this season.

Oregon v Arizona State
Freshman quarterback Jaden Rashada was among the many Sun Devils who missed portions of the season due to injury.
Photo by Bruce Yeung/Getty Images

Coming out of high school as a four-star recruit, freshman quarterback Jaden Rashada earned the starting role only to sustain an injury in Week 2 and miss a majority of the season. Notre Dame transfer junior Drew Pyne was also expected to lead but missed time throughout the season with several injuries. This led to the unexpected emergence of junior quarterback Trenton Bourguet to play in a majority of the games this season as the third string on the roster.

The Sun Devil offensive line got bit the hardest from the injury bug. Eight offensive linemen missed time at some point of the season with four starters or projected starters missing significant time.

As far as the production side, the numbers are ugly for the Sun Devils. Their 3,867 total yards in a season rank last in the conference with the margin between them and Stanford being nearly a full game’s worth of yards at 354.

When ASU had the ball, it produced an ugly numbers crunch:

  • 322.3 yards per game, last in Pac-12
  • 2,524 total passing yards, 11th in Pac-12
  • 210.3 passing yards per game, 11th in Pac-12
  • 1,343 total rushing yards, 10th in Pac-12
  • 111.9 rushing yards per game, 10th in Pac-12
  • 213 total points scored, last in Pac-12
  • 17.8 points per game, last in Pac-12

Before taking the OC position, Baldwin was head coach at Cal Poly for three seasons and nine seasons at Eastern Washington where he won the 2010 FCS title with the Eagles. Baldwin’s prior Pac-12 experience includes the offensive coordinator role at Cal from 2017-19.

The role of ASU’s offensive coordinator will assume the roles of play calling and quarterbacks position coach, among having to adapt to the change from the Pac-12 to Big 12 style of offensive play and an updated roster via transfer portal departures and arrivals.