5 Ways to Make Your Golf Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out

Are you intending to exhibit at an upcoming golf trade show? Whether you plan on showcasing a new set of innovative clubs or trendy apparel, this is a great way to build visibility and interest for your golf brand. The right approach can see you rack up significant sales and have your brand showing up in retail stores across the world.

However, how do you take the right approach? How can you stand out with your golf trade show exhibit? Here are five methods to keep in mind.

1. Get started early

There’s no point in delaying getting started with your trade show exhibit. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean getting all of your displays and goods in order – although that is helpful.

In terms of starting early, this should begin weeks, even months before the show begins. By sharing email updates and posts on social media, you can build anticipation for your appearance. This is particularly the situation if you get people involved and engaged by asking them to, say, pick the type of swag they want to see.

2. Do your research

Research can go a long way to improving and refining your trade show strategy. Now it’s important to avoid simply copying other booths you view. Nevertheless, don’t be scared to take inspiration from their approach. Little touches here and there will assist with fine-tuning your own exhibit.

3. Be unique with your free swag

Offering free swag is a common tactic when participating at a trade show. Yet you don’t want to put together an ordinary collection of free merchandise. Instead, the aim should be to go with a unique take.

Take pickleball paddles from Anthem Branding as an example. Now this might not seem like the most obvious choice at a golf trade show. Yet you’re not going to be giving away golf clubs for free. Pens, notebooks, and the like are old hat. To truly differentiate your brand, a customized pickleball paddle can do the job in your swag bag. It’s different, it makes you stand out, and whenever someone swings their paddle, they’ll remember your business.

4. Go big with your display

Well, not literally – a trade show won’t be happy if you go beyond your allocated space! However, it is important you invest in your display to ensure it hits the mark in terms of aesthetics. The last thing you want is a drab, ordinary display that fails to catch the eye of attendees.

When you put together an impressive display, one that’s bright and distinctive, it delivers instant visual appeal. This makes your brand appear professional. Most importantly, it also makes your brand look more investable.

5. Bring the fun

You know the big golf brands. You know they have to remain corporate in their approach. Well, it’s time to take advantage of this with your trade show exhibit. By injecting fun and creativity into your display, this can supply you with an edge over the rest. From an interactive booth to competitions, think of how to put together memorable experiences for attendees.

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