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ASU Football: ASU on the move to Big-12?

Could we see Arizona State and Arizona on the move

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Thirteen years ago the Buffalos fled the Big-12, which seemed to be nearing its end. Thirteen years later, the Buffalos are fleeing once again and rejoining the Big-12 while the Pac-12 is slowly became a shell of what it once was — or envisioned to be.

Following Colorado’s ground-breaking announcement of its transition from the Pac-12 back to the Big-12 for 2024, rumors are swirling of who will join the Buffalos and what is next for the Pac-12 (that is isn’t much of Pac-12 anymore.)

It was clear the move for Colorado was a return to its founder conference as well as media rights following the signing of media star Deion Sanders. The Pac-12 is now down to just nine programs, down a 25 percent.

But those who have been following the drama have predicted the four corner states (Arizona State, Arizona, Utah and Colorado) would be on the move. Now, Utah is atop the pecking order for the next Pac-12 program to announce its departure now that the Big-12 is overstepping the Pac.

The moves are deeper than just football, however. Arizona boasts a premier basketball program which fits more in sync with the Big-12 in addition to Arizona’s previous discussions with the conference.

The Big-12 may very well target Oregon, the most coveted program with its success and sponsor (Nike), and Washington, which is near the same pedestal as Oregon. However, both coveted by the Pac-12 and either leaving would in all likelihood be the death blow to the Pac-12.

So, what is next for Arizona State and where does this leave the state of the conference? Does Arizona State ride out the storm in hopes the Pac-12 can keep from crumbling or will Arizona State be forced to find a new conference.

Only time may tell. Let us know below what your opinion on the matter is and what the future holds for Arizona State and the Pac-12.