How Football Is Becoming Safer

Football is America's favorite pastime, but it is also a sport that is not without controversy. There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the sport's safety in recent times, especially due to the number of serious injuries sustained each year at all levels. In particular, there is a focus on head injuries and spinal cord injuries that can be life-changing. This discussion has led to a number of positive steps in recent times to improve safety for all and reduce the chances of these serious injuries from happening. Here are a few of the main developments in regard to player safety in recent times.

Helmet Technology

One of the biggest developments in recent times has been the development of helmet technology. While helmets play an important role in safety, they can also be dangerous and lead to head injuries. Modern helmets now have a better design that can absorb impact forces, which reduces the chance of suffering a head injury.

New Rules

There have also been changes to the rules in order to reduce injuries and protect players. These rule changes place a focus on protecting defenseless players and reducing high-impact hits and have been introduced at the NFL level.

Concussion Protocols

Leading on from this, there are also new concussion protocols that are followed in all leagues. These days, any player who shows signs of a concussion or hits their head must leave the game and pass a series of tests before being allowed to play. As mentioned, concussions have been a major talking point in recent times, so it is positive to see changes being made to ensure that head injuries are taken seriously.

Better Medical Care

There have also been improvements in medical care in recent times, which means that injuries can be treated more effectively. This includes developments in stem cell therapy, which can help people who have suffered serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis and leave players with an uncertain future, but advanced cell therapy can help some people heal and improve sensory and motor functions. You can speak to a specialist like to learn more about stem cell treatment and who it can help.

Education & Training

With a greater focus being placed on safety in football, education and training have been key in recent times. Everyone involved in the game is now properly educated on the risks involved in playing football, how to play safely, and how to address injuries. There is also a greater emphasis on coaches teaching young players how to tackle safely, as well as alternative practice drills to reduce the chance of suffering an injury during practice sessions.

Safety in football has been a huge talking point in recent years, which has brought about a number of positive changes to the game while still retaining the spirit of America's favorite pastime. While there is still more to be done, it is good to see the topic of safety being taken seriously at the highest possible levels in the sport.

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