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ASU Football: USC vs ASU halftime report

USC leads ASU

USC v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

USC leads ASU 21-13 at half, but despite trailing, Arizona State should feel like good heading into the second half. A sold-out crowd led to multiple procedural penalties by the SC offense, pushing Caleb Williams and company into third and long on multiple occasions. But Caleb Williams is inevitable.

SC was able to pick up splash plays on its opening drive, capped by a 1-yard rush touchdown. ASU answered with a 15-yard scamper by running back Cam Skattebo after a fumble recovery at the Trojans 15.

It was clear that Sun Devil offense had a pulse, something ASU faithful had been desperately looking for, and both sides of the ball fed off the crowd.

The offense looks completely revamped and chunks plays are a more common occurrence. Part of the improvement was the creatively and use of Cam Skattebo, who has become a Swiss Army Knife. Skattebo leads ASU in passing at the half, registered a 53-yard pooch punt and completed two passes on top of his 15-yard scoring run.

ASU held Its own and was able to march down the field, but settled for a pair of field goals, and chances of beating a top-five program when settling for field goals are low.

Nonetheless, ASU was only a few plays away from potentially leading at the break and should feel confident going forward.