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ASU vs. Oregon: The Duck Hunt

Complete game coverage for Thursday's Pac-12 battle between Arizona State and No. 2 Oregon.

Arizona State vs. Oregon: By The Numbers

The numbers that mattered were 43-21, but several others came together to formulate ASU's humbling loss.

ASU vs. Oregon: Perspective after 43-21 loss

ASU lost 43-21 against Oregon on Thursday night in Tempe. The Sun Devils need some perspective after a tough game, but the season isn't over yet.

Devils Dominated by Ducks 43-21

The game's first two plays went well for ASU...and then it was all downhill. The Sun Devils lost the game and their best player on Thursday night.

This is Ugly...Ducks Lead at Half 43-7

ASU were in fact the ones getting blacked out, going into the half trailing Oregon 43-7

Will Sutton Injury: Devils DT injured against UO

On the second play of the game, star defensive tackle Will Sutton had knee-to-knee contact with Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. While Mariota fumbled and ASU recovered, the Sun Devils suffered a bigger loss: Sutton had to be helped off the field.

Oregon vs. ASU: Blackout The Duck GameThread

ASU takes on Oregon at home on ESPN. Talk about it with fellow Sun Devils fans.

Sparky stomps the Oregon bus!

We're one hour away from kickoff, and Sparky is getting his stompin' shoes ready to crush Oregon's undefeated season and BCS aspirations. Check this video out.

Who's Your Most Important Devil For Tonight?

Arizona State will need to step up tonight to get a huge upset win. We want to know your pick for the most important one.

ASU vs Oregon 2012: Blackout the Duck VIDEO

Sparky the Sun Devil approves this message just hours before ASU plays Oregon on ESPN.

ASU vs. Oregon: Staff Predictions

The House of Sparky staff gives their predictions for tonight's game between Arizona State and Oregon.

NCAA 13 Sim: Oregon's Duck Knight Rises vs. ASU

Oregon Ducks vs. ASU Sun Devils. An NCAA 13 simulation reveals a blowout victory for UO.

ASU vs. Oregon: The 5 Keys to a Sun Devil Victory

Kickoff is just a few hours away, and we break down the five keys to the game necessary for a Sun Devil victory

ASU vs. Oregon: Complete Game Preview & More

Everything you need to know for ASU's key Pac-12 battle against the Oregon Ducks is right here.

Oregon vs. ASU: Duck fans paint "A" Mountain Green

The A on Tempe Butte is now green.

Ben's Breakdown: ASU vs. Oregon

ASU aims to shock the world Thursday night by upsetting No. 2 Oregon. Ben Haber lays out his 5 keys to victory

ASU vs Oregon: Box Scores from the Future

Take a peek into the future with tomorrow's ASU vs. Oregon box score today

5 Reasons ASU Will Lose to Oregon

We brought you the five reasons for Sun Devil victory we bring the bad news

5 Reasons ASU Will Beat Oregon

ASU is a strong underdog to No. 2 Oregon, but here are five reasons why an upset can happen.

ASU vs. Oregon: Tale of the Hunt (VIDEO)

Check out this awesome video from Tyler Herron (@Denver_Preditor). If it doesn't get you amped up for Thursday's game, go back to Tucson

ASU vs Oregon: Go Behind Enemy Lines

We go behind enemy lines with David Piper, editor of, to get a preview of ASU's next opponent

ASU vs. Oregon: Statistical Preview

A statistical look at Thursday's Pac-12 game between Arizona State and Oregon shows each team with a decisive advantage on one side of the ball

New Speak of the Devils: ASU vs Oregon Preview

Get ready for Thursday's huge Pac-12 battle with the new Speak of the Devils

News From Todd Graham's Weekly Press Conference

Coach Todd Graham addressed the media Monday afternoon just three days before his team faces its biggest test of the season, No. 2 Oregon. Graham discussed tempo and broke down how his team can beat the Oregon Ducks.

ASU Opponent First Look: The Oregon Ducks

An initial look at ASU's next opponent, the second-ranked and always lethal Oregon Ducks

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ASU vs. Oregon: Complete Game Coverage

Complete game coverage for Thursday's Pac-12 battle between Arizona State and No. 2 Oregon.