ASU Football: Fall practice No. 16

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Game day is getting closer, and the Sun Devils practiced under the hot Tempe sun on Tuesday morning. Both coordinators met with the media after practice and described the two contrasts.

The ASU offense will be an experienced group that will put up points, while the defense expects to only start four players that have played snaps at the D-1 level.

Last practice: Saturday, Aug. 25

Next practice: Wednesday, Aug. 29


Narcos (Migos) Gucci Gang (Lil Pump)

Injury Update

Linebacker Koron Crump participated in linebacker drills and appeared to have good mobility as he recovers from an ACL injury.

Safety Demonte King participated fully in practice after being limited previously.

Defensive back Evan Fields was used in first team action, playing the Tillman position as he continues to work to overcome injury.

The players that were in the bubble throughout practice included wide receiver John Humphrey (out for the season), quarterback Ryan Kelley, offensive lineman Zach Robertson and defensive back K.J. Jarrell.

What went on?

Offensive coordinator Rob Likens expressed his frustration with the offense’s performance during Tuesday’s practice. During drills the running back coaches appeared extremely frustrated with the performance of the offense.

The quarterbacks led by Manny Wilkins kept it pretty light at practice and mainly worked on their mobility by practicing throwing on the run. Practice began as it has most days recently, with Wilkins and Eno Benjamin working with starting center Cohl Cabral on their initial steps after shot gun snaps.

The running backs worked on their footwork while quickly transitioning into route running. Based upon the expression of the coaches it didn’t appear that the performance of the players was up to par.

The defensive line continued to hit the sleds and worked on timing the snap count. Renell Wren performed well during the drills and received praise from the defensive coaches throughout practice.

The linebackers worked on the sleds as well as with the tackling doughnuts. Linebackers coach Antonio Pierce wasn’t as vocal as he’d been in more recent practices.

During 11-on-11 drills Wilkins wasn’t as sharp as he’d been previously but it was the defense that dominated. Benjamin struggled to get into a rhythm, and A.J. Carter was given a few reps with the first team offense. The one big highlight for the offense was the one completed deep pass from Wilkins to Ryan Newsome who leaped over Kobe Williams to complete the catch.

Chase Lucas made a nice play defending N’Keal Harry as he was able to deflect a pass that was intended for ASU’s star receiver. Wilkins really struggled throwing the deep ball during the limited portion of open practice, the offense continued to run deep pass patterns showing that it will be a point of pride in the offense.

A scout from the Carolina Panthers was in attendance and spent the majority of his time watching the Sun Devil defensive line.

First-team offense

QB: Manny Wilkins

RB: Eno Benjamin/A.J. Carter

WR: N’Keal Harry, Kyle Williams Brandon Aiyuk

TE: Tommy Hudson

OL: Casey Tucker (LT), Alex Loyosa (LG), Cohl Cabral (C), Steven Miller (RG), Quinn Bailey (RT)

Second-team offense

QB: Kurt Walding

RB: Isaiah Floyd

WR: Frank Darby, Ryan Newsome, Curtis Hodges

TE: Ceejhay French-Love

OL: Tyson Rising (LT), Roy Hemsley (LG), Cade Cote (C), Jarrett Bell (RG), Spencer Lovell (RT)

First-team defense

DL: Shannon Forman, Renell Wren, Dougladson Subtyl

LB: Kyle Soelle, Darien Butler, Malik Lawal

CB: Chase Lucas, Kobe Williams

Tillman: Evan Fields

S: Demonte King, Langston Frederick

Second-team defense

DL: Jalen Bates, Darius Slade, D.J. Davidson/Jermayne Lole

LB: Merlin Robertson, Stanley Lambert, Khaylan Thomas/Tyler Johnson

CB: Dominique Harrison, Terin Adams

Tillman: Jalen Harvey

S: Aashari Crosswell, Joey Bryant

For other updates and videos from Tuesday’s practice, follow @Alec_Henden on Twitter.


Throwing the ball deep will be a point of Pride, so they'll keep banging their head against the wall, expecting a different outcome? Wow... I hope not

Actually, I hope this is just the HOS reporter, Alec Holden, showing his youth and inexperience. Next article Alec can write about the snipe hunt he’s going to go on.

"You take what the defensive gives you, and eventually they’ll give you the game." It is the only offensive philosophy that makes any sense whatsoever.


I went snipe hunting when I was about 9 years ole lol

How many snipes did you bag?

Even if you're not good at it

you still need to practice it and throw some deep balls in a game to keep the D honest.

So glad we are again staying outside to practice

The House of Heat lost its advantage when we went soft and escaped inside the dome. The dome is for bad weather not hot weather. We are fkn AZ BOYS if you can take the heat, go to NAU. Sorry, pissed me off when we became sissies and went inside to escape the heat.

Agree with Sports Fan, deep balls have always been a struggle. IMO, when Manny throws the deep ball, he rarely pushes off his back foot to finish forward and give that power to the throw. Fix that, and his deep ball could be pretty good. No doubt, he improved some last season with his deep ball.

Come on Saturday…I need live action! (like Turtle man says LOL)

Why is Merlin practicing with 2nd team?

I thought he was supposed to be getting first team reps.

Could be to remind him he is a true freshman

Could be Soelle is slightly ahead in the mental aspect or it could be like zoon eluded too, an old superstition about not listing true freshman as starters. I firmly believe he will see a lot of reps no matter what.

I’m just anxious to see him in action.

He’s received nothing but praise since showing up on campus and I want to see why for myself.

Oh I get it

Pretty sure my eager anticipation has been bursting through in my posts. It’s been a few years since I have been this eager to see how we look. GO DEVILS!!!

.....while the defense expects to only start four players that have played snaps at the D-1 level.

That statement is very telling.

Then again, so is this…..

A scout from the Carolina Panthers was in attendance and spent the majority of his time watching the Sun Devil defensive line

aka Renel Wren

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