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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Project

SB Nation Conference Re-Draft: Midseason Review, Part One

We break down the first half of the season from the fake conferences that were created in the summer by SB Nation bloggers.

NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project: Air Force Flies High In Round 11

Air Force provides us with a footprint in Colorado and gives BYU a logical regional rival. I promise you, these guys don't like each other.

NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project: Vanderbilt, NC State Added Through 10th Round

In the House of a Thousand Sanctions, we've hit the important benchmark of ten football schools. By adding academic prestige in Vanderbilt and a rabid football fanbase in North Carolina State, we've expanded our footprint across the southeast and improved our overall profile without compromising on overall competitiveness.

NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project, 8th Round: BYU A Huge Steal

Honestly, I'm amazed that we were able to pick up Brigham Young in the 8th round of the SB Nation NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project. Not only are they officially the Notre Dame of the Mountain time zone, but they are the banner school of the Mormon Church, with a membership of over 14 million.

NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project: 7th Round Results, Pittsburgh Joins The Team

The House of a Thousand Sanctions has picked up Kentucky and Pittsburgh in the past two rounds, adding a great deal to the basketball prestige of the conference while not sacrificing anything on the football field.

NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project: 5th Round Results

The House of a Thousand Sanctions picked up Syracuse. The Orange have an illustrious basketball history and also happen to be a prestigious academic institution in the northeast.

NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project: Fourth Round Results

I think everyone will find that the conferences are shaping up nicely, and adding Tennessee gives us legitimacy in the rust belt. Not only that, but we get Pat Summitt and another good quality men's basketball program.

NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project: Third Round Results

The third round of the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Project went off without a hitch for our conference, adding the Oregon Duck and all of Nike's riches into the conference.

NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project: Three Rounds Deep

With our picks, I've selected USC, Notre Dame, and Oregon. So far, I've developed a highly profitable football conference with three huge, attractive features.

Introducing The SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Project

The idea is not to re-create the Pac-12, but rather to come up with an entirely new league that's not bound by geography.