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Summer of Legends 99 to 1

We count down the best Sun Devils to wear every jersey number--99 all the way to 1.

'Summer of Legends' No. 1 Phillippi Sparks

The last day of summer is finally here! We honor No. 1 Phillippi Sparks.

'Summer of Legends' No. 2 Brett Hudson

A Sun Devil cornerback made his name as a ball hawk during his days in the secondary.

'Summer of Legends' No. 3 Keith Poole

Today's legend teamed up with Jake Plummer to carry the Sun Devils through a magical 1996 season.

'Summer of Legends' No. 4 Darren Willis

Darren Willis is one of nine All-Americans from the Sun Devils' first Rose Bowl team.

'Summer of Legends' No. 5 Zach Catanese

A hard working safety checks in at No. 5 in our legends series.

'Summer of Legends' No. 6 Darren Woodson

Of all the stories out there, Darren Woodson has one of the best.

'Summer of Legends' No. 7 David Fulcher

It's hard to be more productive than David Fulcher was during his career at Arizona State.

'Summer of Legends' No. 8 Luis Zendejas

Luis Zendejas holds all sorts of Arizona State kicking records that may never be broken.

'Summer of Legends' No. 9 Israel Stanley

One of Bruce Snyder's first standouts takes home the honors at No. 9.

'Summer of Legends' A Four-Way Tie at No. 10

We haven't had a tie yet, but choosing among four players became all too difficult. So why not honor them all?

'Summer of Legends' No. 11 Danny White

Who was the latter half of the best father-son combo in ASU history? Danny White.

'Summer of Legends" No. 12 Darryl Harris

Arizona State has had plenty of great running backs, but only one led the Sun Devils to a Rose Bowl win.

'Summer of Legends' No. 13 Chris McGaha

Sun Devil fans know Chris McGaha as one of the best local products in recent years.

'Summer of Legends' No. 14 Troy Nolan

One of the best ball hawks to come through Arizona State makes an appearance at No. 14.

'Summer of Legends' No. 15 Dave Graybill

Three sports? Three generations? No problem for this gifted athlete.

'Summer of Legends' No. 16 Jake Plummer

Their are great players, and their are heroes. To Sun Devil fans, Jake Plummer was both.

'Summer of Legends' No. 17 Brock Osweiler

Do you remember Brock Osweiler? Unless you just learned to read, you probably recall the Sun Devil gunslinger's record-setting season.

'Summer of Legends' No. 18 Ben Hawkins

Another two-way star takes his place at No. 18.

'Summer of Legends' No. 19 Josh Barrett

A hard-working safety and two-time team captain appears at No. 19.

'Summer of Legends' No. 20 J.D. Hill

Wide receivers rarely wear number 20 and J.D. Hill boasted rare talents.

"Summer of Legends" No. 21 J.R. Redmond

One of the most complete backs in Arizona State history takes his spot in our legends series.

'Summer of Legends' No. 22 Woody Green

The greatest running back in Arizona State history wore No. 22.

'Summer of Legends' No. 23 Courtney Jackson

No. 23, Courtney Jackson, intercepted the dreams of opposing quarterbacks.

'Summer of Legends' No. 24 Eric Allen

We made the tough choice of picking a cornerback over a running back. Do you agree?

'Summer of Legends' No. 26 Tony Lorick

If you play on three sides of the football, you deserve to be considered a legend.

'Summer of Legends' No. 27 Bobby Mulgado

An all-purpose athlete makes an appearance at No. 27

'Summer of Legends' No. 28 Thomas Weber

A kicker? A kicker? Yes, Thomas Weber was THAT good. Good enough to join our "Sun Devil Legends" series.

'Summer of Legends' No. 29 Nathan LaDuke

We dare to cross the middle with No. 29 in our "Summer of Legends" series.

'Summer of Legends' No. 30 Jason Shivers

"Stay true to ASU" had its roots well before CTG, as evidenced by today's legend.

'Summer of Legends' No. 31 Windlan Hall

Getting to the other side of the hall would be tough with Windlan Hall guarding you.

'Summer of Legends' No. 32 Ben Malone

Who was the unsung hero of one of Arizona State's greatest backfields? Our answer is No. 32.

'Summer of Legends' No. 33 Wilford White

Who's the greatest Sun Devil to wear No. 33? How about the only Sun Devil to wear No. 33?