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The "New Sparky" Mascot

Anything and everything you need to know about the changes made to Arizona State's beloved Sparky.

"New Sparky" Redesign Announced

He's baaaackkk! After a two-week voting process, the fans have spoken (sort of...) and the "New Sparky" design is here to stay.

Go Behind the Scenes of the Sparky Design Planning

The fine and funny folks at Devil's Chowda have an "exclusive" look at the planning behind the new Sparky changes

Why Sparky's New Look Doesn't Matter

Fans are speaking loud and clear, expressing hatred toward the ever evolving Sparky, but House of Sparky's Ben Haber don't care at all.

New Sparky: Building the Future Over Fan Unrest

The new Sparky isn't going over too well with adults, but that's not the point.

An Update From the "New Sparky" Press Conference

In an attempt to appeal to a younger audience and provide a more contemporary image of Sparky, ASU Athletics has partnered with Disney to create a new image for the iconic mascot.

Sparky the mascot has been redesigned with Disney

Sparky the Sun Devil has been reimagined. Pictures inside.